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  • rjpurg59 rjpurg59 Oct 23, 2013 12:29 PM Flag

    DRYS... simply a high risk trade

    any idiot that thinks differant is just that.... an idiot

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    • Risky? what? $110 down to $2... lol

    • Don't know the point he was trying to make!!! But the way the BDI is dropping?? Hey it could turn around today!! I just don't think so... Where are peoples brains, when they done bought $2B worth of Drys stk.. And GE can sell them anouther $200M worth??? And Drys reporting loses??? Instead of sending $200M more to greece.. Which will dissapear, as first $2B!! We should get togethet and buy a fleet of Dump Trucks..Possibility, with $200M, worth of dump trucks, they could make us some money!! GE done sucked this lemon dry!! No way in hell Drys ever reports profits again!! Monies from $2B worth of Drys stk has dissapeared!! All profits, from, when those Bulkers were leased at astronomical prices, have dissapeared! And Drys sitting here.. Up to thier yahoo, in debt?? Cute little game, ain't it!! GE ,made a few Billion!! Stk may be worthless! and he has lenders on the hook for a couple billion... I actually believe, before this all plays out!! Being incorperated thru Cyprus.. Without breaking any laws!! GE will have made more money, than all bank robbers and ponzi scheams, like Madoff and others, ever dreamed about??? So far.. He's sold over $2B of Drys stk.. About $1B of Orig ( don't know what all those subsidiaries of Orig are up to)..Seems they can use Orig stk to obtain loans?????????

    • with high risk comes high reward. Of course this stock is risky. Tell us something we don't already know.

    • As long as the BDI holds in the 1700-2000 range there is little risk in DRYS. The problem with DRYS is volatility As one of the most traded companies in the market it is a day traders delight..
      DRYS is not going to fold, but will experience huge swings as weak hands fold after unsustainable spikes.
      DRYS is a combination of the Mad Hatters Wild Ride and a rollercoaster.
      Not for those with weak knees........

      • 2 Replies to bloodysheepbath
      • bloody, couldn't have said it better.. Now let me tell you something!! The days of manipulators, being able to drive Drys up and down on BS, may be over, when we get this next ER?? If they can't realize, Drys is worthless!! Ain't my fault!! But, when ATM is over??? Don't think manipulators (,hedge funds) can't drive it higher, trading very little back and forth!!! This ain't for you.. But for anybody, that don't realize, this is yalls game.. Hedge funds can trade it back and forth, all day with no fees attached!! All they need is to convince, us idiots to join in!!! It took yrs for mkt makers to move in, In 2007 and cash!! And they did bust the whole world before they were over, in March 2009!!! Now these beginners, think they should cash every day!!! Right now ole GE has them on the ropes?? He's selling and BDI, falling like a rock!

      • 'As long as the BDI holds in the 1700-2000 range" Why do you say that? Have you looked at the fleet deployment for DRYS? The "BDI" doesn't really matter to DRYS, but the BPI does....

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