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  • stingerpain101 stingerpain101 Oct 24, 2013 7:36 PM Flag

    Share holders treated like camel dung............

    Sent a email to finance and I know they will not answer, but I was able to tell them how much this company hates its share holders and ponders any recovery with more dilution any time there is a small gain in the stock. 5 years of this #$%$ and George keeps getting away with it. It continues to be a stock on the brink of destruction and this nitwit CEO gave himself a 6 million dollar stock option, #$%$ this has got to stop. This ATM is killing us ,but he continues to rape in profits! Be very aware what goes on here if you are new to this stock. If you are smart stay away and do not look back... wish I had

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    • send ge a note let him know what you think -- the ir is an outside firm. Did you read the 2d qtr financial summary & details on the co website. Don't know whether shipping business is too viable at present. The maturing debt in 2014 is not covered by free cash flow and may yet be problematic ( I hold some of it) -- the price action on the 12/14 - 5% convertible note is declining almost daily.

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      • oh lookie here . . . . a bondholder/bankruptcy troll. I used to see idiots like you on the XMSR board after a big investor bought 20M worth of the common instead of bonds, just like the guy here who bought 8 million shares instead of bonds. You people make me sick. I doubt you hold a damn thing and you are talking to a bunch of fools who are too unsophisticated to get what you are trying to insinuate. Get a job, for chrissake.

    • To make things worse, I don't expect a good ER , otherwise ge had waited; orig revenue in 3Q will be strong, but the mobilization of the new drillship will increase the expenses, so no money left for shareholders, for 4Q the mobilization of the last 2 drillships should affect eps,so it seems we have to wait to may, when 1Q. 2014, will be release.

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