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  • fedupwithhrl fedupwithhrl Jun 28, 2006 4:24 PM Flag

    Hormel, anything but a family company

    The last post is very accurate but leaves out another reason why employee morale is so low. Unfortunately, Hormel could care less about their employees, especially when it comes to their family problems that arise when they have their employees working up to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. All they care about is if tonnage is up, or if they're ahead of last year's pace. They don't care if that means running their management into the ground by making them work 7 days a week 10 - 12 hours a day. As long as they're making that extra buck, they could care less if every single management's home life is a mess and suffering because of it. Why do you think so many management are going through (if they haven't already gone through) divorces, family therapy and counseling? Think about it. It's really not a hard concept. Not only is lower management severely underpaid, but they're burning out and losing their family all so that the thankless company can make an extra million dollars this year. Upper management could care less, they still put in their 8 - 9 hours a day 5 days a week and are out of there. They have no idea what lower management is going through. They don't come around and tour the facilities or send out more survey's asking them how things are truly going. It's sad to see. It really shouldn't surprise anyone when an all-star management person jumps ship and leaves. Or when an excellent leader burns out. The morale is so bad at Hormel that only the most oblivious upper management person couldn't see it. So go ahead, keep transfering people around the country, give them their "generous" $55 a week raise, make them work more hours and 7 days a week full time, burn our your best management you have, and ruin their home lives, as long as Hormel's making more money than last year, they could honestly care less about the way it gets done. Unfortunately, sooner or later, they won't be able to get anymore utilization out of their individual facilities because you can't work your employees more than 7 hours a day or more than 24 hours a day either. When that day comes, Hormel will probably try and have an 8th day added to the week so they can keep increasing over the previous year.

    Any prospective employees reading this, take warning. If you enjoy having a life outside of work and have a family and like to see them, this company is NOT for you. The money at the beginning seems good, but after a few years, it's nothing more than average, and if you figure based on your "salary" how much you really make an's probalby around $13 - $14, and that's with several years of management experience within the company.

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    • If Hormel is really such a bad company to work for, why does the stock price keep going up? We must be doing something right, and I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with whining. True, Hormel is a bit of a "survival of the fittest" company, but most positive-thinking opportunists would rather work for an organziation like that which matches the true ideal capitalistic culture of the nation within which it operates. I imagine ALL good well-oiled companies operate that way. That's as opposed to some mamsy pamsy organization that doesn't foster a culture of hard work and thus condones passiveness and stagnation.
      Believe it or not, you contradict yourself when you mention that Hormel only cares about how many hours its employees work, and then go on to say Hormel only cares about how much money it makes. You're right about the money part. the hours thing is a stretch, at least nowadays. Any good organization will care about how much money it makes. The shareholders certainly care. Do shareholders care about how many hours the employees work? Of course not. Management might start questioning your effectiveness of driving profitability if you're slacking off and appearing to be deadweight, if you have nothing to show for your work. Again, any good organization would do this.
      I'm sorry you are unable to understand Hormel's true mission, which is to maximize shareholder value, not to force you to work long hours and destroy your family life. If you want to work long extra hours and spin your wheels, go for it. You are to blame for that, not the company. If you feel too pressured to work longer than acceptable hours, then maybe you just have a crappy boss, which is a completely different discussion.
      Lastly, as I'm sure your parents never told you, life is a game of choices. Make yours and move on.

    • Wow! What bitterness. Now is the time for you to be proactive and find a better job. Problem is... you will be hard pressed to find it. When you do that company will not meet your expectations either after a year or two and you will find yourself on a merry-go-round going from company to company. For a better perspective look at the number of people with more that 20 years of service to this great company and then consider if that is something you want to do and to be. ... In the meantime, keep your credit cards paid and stuff money into the 401k programs every payday... when you get a raise place much of your raise into savings. When your grandkids come to your house you will have a nice house... maybe in the bank , a reasonable retirement pension and money to invest in your IRA. Meanwhile lobby to get at least one day a week off... upper management does know about your efforts. They too worked those hours when they were early in their careers. Good luck to you... chose well.

    • Nice to hear your burn out syndrom, but please do not leave out the hard working labor force that also contributes greatly to the success and profits of this company.We have not had a raise in 25 years $10.69 in 1984 /$13.75 2006 84 profits 20 mill. 2005 profits 270 mill. health care prems ,inflation,cost of living hell half the labor work force qualifys for some sort of goverment asst.Opps i forgot we work for a fortune 500 company.Why do think the turn over rate is so high. you should give the labor force a surrvey once see how they feel.Is the greed ever going stop/or share

    • The nice thing about living in the United States of America is that everyone has a choice of where they choose to work. If someone puts their work ahead of their family I say shame on them, not the company they work for. HRL or any company.

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