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  • havenger2001 havenger2001 Jan 13, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

    Class-Action lawsuit option

    I'm seriously thinking about starting a class-action lawsuit to oust Ratoff for violating his fiduciary duty as CEO of a public company.
    If we, as shareholders, don't do anything, then this Rat could potentially use Novadel as his personal ATM by selling piece by piece...
    Who is with me ? Please let me know and I'll contact a law firm to explore our options.

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    • Tell us more.

    • NVDL takes in revenue from 2 drugs now and has licensing deals in place but NVDL does NOTHING to try to increase its shareholder equity giving its shareholders no updates nothing on the status of anything including Rechon and the possible continuation of Duromist.

      8 months ago you first posted about a class-action lawsuit.
      How much longer are you going to wait?

    • You couldn't start a fire with a flamethrower. Just #$%$ #$%$.

    • I don't think you mean "class action". You may mean "shareholders derivative action".

      And I think you might be better off purchasing some of the companies general unsecured debt and filing an involuntary bankruptcy.

      But do talk to an attorney.

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      • Maybe this week?

      • You posted the same thing exactly 1 year ago about a class action lawsuit here.
        Looks like nobody even cares.

        Seems strange that this company would do deals that nobody seems to know about
        or care about regarding Rechon and Confidential Treatment SEC Filing that applies through the year 2016. Is the "Rechon" deal a scam or meaningless? Yeah, the share price did not move higher but does that mean that Rechon is meaningless? There are multiple SEC Filings regarding "Rechon" including a "Confidential Treatment Filing". Also, there was an SEC filing stating who the beneficiary of 61 million shares are.

        NO deal happened yet with selling their "mist technology".
        Could be just a head fake just to get people to think something good or bad might happen here for whatever reason and then it never actually happens, think about it.
        Do people here even know what "preliminary" or "proposal" means?
        I say at least 50% chance of that 'mist techonology" deal never even happening for several reasons.
        Remember, there are numerous out clauses that can be used by both parties to back out of that
        mist technology "proposed" deal. NVDL can back out just as the company they might sell to can also back out of that "preliminary" deal.

        People post messages here acting like the deal has already taken place.
        What is their agenda for doing that?

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