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  • investorxc investorxc Feb 13, 2013 5:44 PM Flag

    Suda due diligence period has exceeded 45 days.

    Suda had 45 days due diligence starting Dec 20th so it ended Feb 4th. In their latest PR dated Feb. 4th, they stated a decision will be made "early February" based on recommendations of their due diligence committee. It is now Feb 15th in Australia, and certainly no longer "early" February. Hopefully we hear soon. Stephen Carter, Suda's CEO responded to my email last month and said they will make the terms public if they go ahead with the deal at the end of the due diligence period. Suda has a first right of refusal to also purchase Nitromist and Zolpimist so it wouldn't surpirse me if those become part of the sale- if not now maybe in the near future. Especially since Stephen Carter was in The US during January meeting with Ratoff- sometimes a face to face meeting can make the negotiations happen rather than phone and email conversation. This is also one posiible reason for a delay. Certainly they want to buy those 2 remaining assets- only working out the price at this point.

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    • What happens with the common shareholders of NVDL?

      You assume a lot with your nonsense about Zolpimist and Nitromist especially when NVDL already already has a previous deal in place with Rechon.

      Also, NVDL has other drugs Duromist and Zensana you did not even mention those.

      Do you expect us to believe that NVDL will no longer exist after sale is done?

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      • If you and the other couple people who post here 20- 30 times per day would read the PR on the Australian stock exchange as I did back in December when it was released, you would understand the deal - it includes Duromist and Zensana and a first right of refusal on Zolpimist and Nitromist. If all of NVDL's assets are sold, then obviously the shareholders are bought out. NVDl has no money and 1 employee, the President- they are not going to continue to be in business. I bought 1 million shares a year ago for 1 cent a share in hopes they will be bought out- that is what is almost certainly going to happen - the question is when and for how much. The risk was BK but I doubt that will happen at this point. I am bullish on the stock at a penny, that is why I bought it. By the way if you are Leonia, the "ask" and "buy" shown on the ticker every day isn't the actual shares for sale at any given time. If you knew anything about market makers you would understand that. I see you are on the TTNP board now too- watch Titan- same thing only a few hundred shares on the ask and then all of a sudden a trade goes through for 10k shares. Check Visa- the ask is usually only 5 shares but it trades millions of shares a day.

    • With what cash will Suda pay Nvdl shareholders?

      On Suda quarterly report it said in $a, 000 cash as 1,266, not sure how much that is?

      Then I see they have credit line of $a 7,600,000.

      So does Suda have the cash to make a deal? Or will get shareholders of Nvdl get junk Suda stock?

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