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  • leonia5pbb leonia5pbb Feb 13, 2013 9:12 PM Flag

    What is the game "toppedout2000" is playing here?

    You have to be a real psycho and nut job to be posting how awful NVDL is one minute and then how great it is another minute.

    What kind of a lunatic does that on any stock message board?
    Then that psycho has the unmitigated gall to post stupidity and nonsense about other people who post here him calling them deragotory names.

    Just look at this message board and what "toppedout2000" posts here and has posted here in the past.

    One day we will probably find out "toppedout2000" is really "tallijerk" in disguise only here to cause confusion and turmoil with his psycho personality.

    Don't forget toppedout has defended tallicat several times here on this message board.
    Why would he defend a desperate paid basher of this stock?

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    • Leonloser other id's, deemento, flipper, scooby, peenotjob, blisha4yfool, and probably many others.

      He also answers his own posts under different id's, actually talking to himself.

      He won't admit the truth that Nvdl has been run to near bankruptcy by poor hedge fund managers.

      Yes sure if we own shares of Nvdl we want it to go up, but lets also look at the truth, and how it fell from once over $3.00 a share to less then 2 cents.

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      • Because he's a DOLT...Everyone else can see that this has amounted to nothing yet he is the only one here pumping this turd. It's OVER....

      • You are a freakin' psycho toppedout.
        You have admitted to owning 400 thousand shares of this stock several times and as recently
        as a few days ago you posted that and you have the nerve to post about me while you bash and pump this stock at the same time every single day?

        When was this stock 3 dollars?
        Tell us you liar.
        You are a crazy liar who lies about everything here.

        By the way psycho, what the heck does a hedge fund gain owning 61 million shares yet they want to destroy this stock as you claim they want to happen here so what is gained by them doing that?

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