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  • leonia5pbb leonia5pbb Feb 16, 2013 3:57 PM Flag

    tallijerk the admitted paid basher can't dispute any facts, why?

    As of February 2013:

    1) 61 million shares held by insiders and 5% holders, 38% of all the shares, They sold NONE the past 2 years
    2) very low debt here, 6 million dollars is nothing compared with other companies
    3) partnership or a buyout is very possible, the company has stated that they are looking into a "strategic partnership"
    4) NVDL already has a revenue stream from 2 FDA approved drugs
    5) NVDL has valuable and special patents including international, 92 patents
    6) the float here is NOT high compared with many other stocks, 134 million shares minus the 61 million shares held by insiders and 5% holders
    7) very low market cap now, only 2 million dollar market cap means NVDL is undervalued
    8) insiders are NOT selling any shares and they were buying a lot more shares over the last 2 years at much higher prices
    9) Low share price now just means greater upside share price potential in the future
    10) 1 dollar price target for NVDL right now on Yahoo Finance. Yahoo Finance constantly updates this so paid basher dismisses price target, WHY?
    11) NVDL received 250,000 dollars in previous licensing deal
    12) two FDA approved drugs giving off a revenue stream right now
    13) mist technology is unique and valuable
    14) new partner: Rechon (distributor and manufacturer for EU and Asian markets) huge revenue stream potential in the future
    15) new drug candidates under development including duromist (EU and Asian markets first or global market with new partner deal). Duromist can generate many millions of dollars.
    16) very small quantity of shares available at the current share price on the "ask", price jumps on low volume means nobody wants to sell their shares
    17) NVDL is NOT pumped anywhere or talked about anywhere now, people just do NOT know about NVDL and what they have and its potential
    18) Paid bashers here bashing every day trying to create doubt, fear, turmoil and confusion just means something great here otherwise those people would not waste one minute of their time here with their agendas every single day
    19) Nobody is selling their NVDL shares now no matter what the paid bashers here claim
    20) Big pharma would benefit from buying NVDL right now
    21) their drug pipeline is great especially DUROMIST and Zensana and other drugs which are in development!!
    22) "Confidential Treatment SEC filing" applies through the year 2016
    23) Royalty and Licensing agreements already in place for future revenues
    24) Very recent expanded medical insurance coverage for the drug Zolpimist from many insurance companies proves that Zolpimist is a great drug, safe and effective
    25) NVDL received a special financial grant for a lot of money from the state of New Jersey for their drug "Duromist" which has so far been proven to be safe and effective in clinical trial but more testing is needed
    26) "bankruptcy" is a total myth and lie spread by desperate paid bashers who use many different aliases to bash this stock all day long every single day, 2 full years they have been posting that bankruptcy nonsense here so where is the bankruptcy?
    27) other 2 cent stocks have gone up to 50 cents and higher. The stock MJNA was 2 cents a few months ago and this month of February price hit 50 cents. There are many others that did the same thing. TTNP was 2 cents 4 years ago and now is above 2 dollars. SIRI was 5 cents 4 years ago and now is above 3 dollars, long list of others.
    28) NVDL is seeking a waiver now for any fees owed to the FDA
    Let other people know to just check out what NVDL has and its great upside potential with only a 2 million
    dollar market cap and buyout is very possible here. Float is here very low after factoring in 5% and insider ownership here of 61 million shares.

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