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  • tallicat9300 tallicat9300 Mar 21, 2013 7:14 PM Flag

    Scooby asks what the lie is...

    He is a lie, hey Scooy why all the multiple ID's? Trying to fool someone. You are a liar, a con man and a worthless POS. You are a liar in every sense of the word. There you go dolt...Answer why all the ID's?

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    • A total con man, take your BS elsewhere everyone here is on to you and your lies.

    • Ask your gay mother's boyfriend who "Scooby" is tallijerk, you sick nutjob.
      Havenger nailed you perfectly tallijerk.

      Tallijerk you are obsessed with who posts messages here rather than what is in those messages I or anybody else who is not bashing this stock like you and toppedout and smallcrap does.

      Tallijerk you have used many different aliases so what is your point of how many ID's anybody uses?
      Is that more important then any facts posted contained in SEC Filings?
      Tallijerk why have you NEVER denied that you are being paid to bash this stock with more than 4,000 bashing messages for the past 2 years, why talliijerk?

      Tallijerk with his pea sized brain thinks that he can discredit any facts here by posting about "Scooby this" and Scooby that" as if that really means anything here but what would anybody expect from a total nutjob like tallijerk with a pea sized brain.

      Congratulations talli, we found out those rumors about you and Scooby getting married are true, have a gay ole time talli.

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      • Scooby your mom lives in a trailer..

      • So Scooby, you now show yourself to be a liar, a simpleton and a homophobe. Real quality person you are Scooby.

      • From SEC Filing from last year:

        The 61,809,543 NVDL shares of Common Stock beneficially owned by the Reporting Persons represent 38.1% of the issued and outstanding shares of Common Stock based on 134,890,615 shares of Common Stock outstanding as of October 25, 2011 as set forth by the Issuer in its Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q filed with the SEC on November 1, 2011. Of such 61,809,543 NVDL shares, 29,995,693, or 19.5%, are beneficially owned by Investments II; 193,233, or .1%, are beneficially owned by Advisors Fund; 30,188,926, or 19.6%, are beneficially owned by Associates II; 31,620,617, or 22.1beneficially owned by each of Investments III and Associates III; and 61,809,543, or 38.1%, are beneficially owned by each of Moorin and Schreiber."

        (..Lying PAID bashers toppedout, tallijerk and smlcapbry1 claim that insiders here were not allowed to sell for more than 2 years. The 3 stooges tallijerk, toppedout and smallcrap claim this SEC filing is meaningless or outdated or a lie, what is the lie about this SEC Filing?)

        Oh, smallcrap loves to call me a "simpleton", thanks smallcrap also known as tallijerk using another alias.

      • Why do a "Confidential SEC Treatment Filing that applies through the year 2016?
        22 February 2012 ORDER GRANTING CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT UNDER THE SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934 NOVADEL PHARMA INC. File No. 1-32177 -- CF# 27475 _____________________ NOVADEL PHARMA INC. submitted an application under Rule 24b-2 requesting confidential treatment for information it excluded from the Exhibits to a Form 10-Q filed on November 1, 2011. Based on representations by NOVADEL PHARMA INC. that this information qualifies as confidential commercial or financial information under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552(b)(4), the Division of Corporation Finance has determined not to publicly disclose it. Accordingly, excluded information from the following exhibit(s) will not be released to the public for the time period(s) specified: Exhibit 10.2 through August 17, 2016 For the Commission, by the Division of Corporation Finance, pursuant to delegated authority: Timothy S. Levenberg Special Counsel From an earlier different SEC Filing: Confidential Treatment has been requested for portions of this exhibit. The copy filed herewith omits the information subject to the confidentiality request. Omissions are designated as “***”. A complete version of this exhibit has been filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. LICENSE AGREEMENT THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) is entered into as of August 18, 2011 (the “Effective Date”) by and between NOVADEL PHARMA, INC. (“NovaDel”), having an address at 1200 Route 22 East, Suite 2000, Bridgewater, NJ 08807, and RECHON LIFE SCIENCE AB, (“Rechon”), having an address at Soldattorpsvägen 5, PO Box 60043, 216 10 Limhamn, Sweden. RECITALS WHEREAS, NovaDel develops pharmaceutical products with a focus on developing oral spray formulations of a broad range of marketed treatments for serious diseases.

        Tallijerk, what is the lie? Tell us why you believe this SEC Filing is a lie.
        Notice it applies through the year 2016.

      • Havenger2001 posted the other day about tallijerk directly to tallijerk:

        "You are saying you are spending your time "bashing" a nobody, anonymous, faceless on the Internet 24 hr a day/7 days a week for the last 2 years, just for the fun of it ?
        I doubt it..."

        Now watch tallijerk claim that I am havenger2001.

        tallijerk, smallcrap and toppedout are obsessed with what I post here, why?
        If I posted meaningless nonsense here why would they even care?
        Of course logic and reason does not apply to the 3 stooges.

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