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  • MGMTravel MGMTravel Jul 16, 2003 7:02 AM Flag

    Great Earnings - Anyone out there?

    I too am a fan of investing smartly in small to nano-cap US regional and community bank and thrift stocks, having been a bank holding company lawyer a few years back. Investing heavily in these stocks enabled me to ride out the last three years of my declining non-bank investments without any overall damage and I am now quite in the black with the market upturn. Stocks I am either in or have recently taken profit on: WSB (a near 5X increase), FFHH, WEFC, MSBF, PBCI, KYF(sold for near 2x return on recent buyout), RPBAA. I have just recently gone into IBCA, JXVL and FFFD. I'm thinking about AKPB and SVBC if I can get the huge spreads to close.


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    • My apologies to yeltsinfan. You are ahead of us in this game. Regarding the last post, it indicates to me that the pickings are pretty well gone unless you want to go after the last two stocks you mention in your post (AKPB and SVBC).

      Nevertheless I believe that once in a while there will be a juicy plum handed to us out of the blue. Example: BancoLatinoAmericano (BLX) which recapitalized itself with a subscription at $6.68 per share. It was possible to buy just a few thousand shares of BLX and then subscribe for several times that number of shares at $6.68 per share. You ended up with stock that has a book value of about $11-12 per share and will eventually pay a dividend of $0.40-$0.50 per share. I thought I was being aggressive by subscribing for 10,000 shares and could now kick myself because I had the chance to ask for three times as much. You never know.

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