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  • cousin_vin_e cousin_vin_e Sep 27, 2007 9:52 PM Flag


    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh LOU, you had better start looking for new employment because if Mesa has to pay out�1_7_3----- M_I_L_L_I_O_N----- D_O_L_L_A_R_S, in all probability they will be forced into bankruptcy.

    Sorry friend, you lose, we win!

    Good Luck to All. Vin E

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    • Dawn, do you do more than post?

    • Like I said Emotional.

    • Mesa has massive systemic problems with its business model. That's why its stock is a third of its value of two years ago. They are hemorrhaging cash in Hawaii too.

      AQ is the airline under pressure should Mesa stay in Hawaii. Hawaiian will stay, as it derives only 20-30% of its revenues from inter-island (and flies the newest least expensive to operate aircraft in the market). Once Mesa would increase its fares as they have to do (given their higher CASM than HA) HA will continue to fly in Hawaii as it has for yes 75+ YEARS!!

      You stick with the low class bottom feeder airline with the disgraced CFO and its horrible market position (and 50 seat RJ's no one wants)........

    • Mesa stock is lower because Mesa has disappointed the street estimates in the last year....but they are still have profit every quarter and in fact the ONLY QUARTER that they have not made a profit was the one following 9/11 WTC Terror attack. Losing Money in Hawaii currently is not giving investors a warm fuzzy and this lawsuit seems to have given investors uncertainty. Lower cash reserves does not help either. However, they are still a much better investment than HA.

      Mesa business model continues to produce a profit although it does seem to irritate the pilots union and competitors immensely. Prospects...they are expanding into new markets including China this year. I don't know how that will work out for them---I do hope better than HA has so far. As far as a change in the last year or so....I do see a change in higher level management abilities and some odd decisions that I don't agree with (besides Murname). Perhaps choosing managers for their creative computer abilities and who's back they have been scratching instead of their management and problem solving abilities may be causing problems in other areas. However, they still remain a much better company than HA.

      Ha is not a profitable company and has a 0% chance of surviving with Mesa in Hawaii and even if Mesa would leave, they still would be very likely to go out of business. Just simple math---NO PROFIT = NO BUSINESS.

    • Hawaiian Airlines is over 75 YEARS old. One on the three oldest airlines in the country. Mesa.............?? Mesa is in terrible shape with a shaky business model. Why do you think that their cash, stock, and prospects have all plummeted so far in the past year?

    • Liability Insurance doesn't work if you are held criminally liable. I wouldn't be surprised if the CFO wasn't held over to Federal criminal court. Am I wrong?

    • are so funny and clever...Dawn to Dusk. Wow!!! How in the world did U ever come up with it? (Sarcastism, in case U again missed the obvious)

      Perhaps, you would be better served by trying to concentrate all of your brain power you can muster on just ONE THING like trying to figure out how to invest CORRECTLY.

    • Mesa will do just will be here in 5 years...Ha probably won't be.

    • Business is business.

    • Or personal sometimes....... Just ask Aloha pilot Mike Uslan, just ask VIN_E who was personally "looked in to? shall we infer?" by LOU, just ask all who said Mesa was going to put AQ and HA out of the inter-island biz......... this action has been very personal.

      The fact that we're watching Mesas' demise at the same time we're making money? It's business and personal.

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