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  • doncarters67 doncarters67 Apr 23, 2013 5:14 PM Flag

    -.29 versus expected -.23 but sales were Up 13% year over year

    always a silver lining someplace ;-)

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    • The company does not have a huge number of shares outstanding. So, small changes in bottom line profit affect the EPS more heavily than with other carriers.

      The amount of the loss isn't really a big deal, and as you indicate revenues were up - that is what the analysts are most interested in. Everyone knew a loss would be posted and so it was "unsurprising". Full year will be profitable at about $1/share and next year will be more than $1/share EPS. So, between 2013 and 2014 we'll have profits of 40% of the stock price. Shares are still way undervalued.

      Look for $7 and $8 during July/August.

      What did butt-munch claim when he said earnings were leaked a day or two ago? As I recall the post he said 45 cents/share.

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      • He's and obsessive compulsive liar with delusions of gradueur... Constant posting of how many shares he shorts but with no details so he can't be caught in a lie... With all the BS he spews on other airline message boards, I have him pegged as an ex-airline employee who got ( in his mind ) fired or laid- off unjustly, so now he pukes all his garbage probably believing it actually impacts share price..

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