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  • daytraderwan daytraderwan May 15, 2013 8:28 AM Flag

    Debt now over $1.1 billion #$%$!!!!!??

    So now what ??

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    • what????HA is proceding in doing what any other airline company does & would do to expand their
      business,unless you Mr Genius has a better idea.Have you ever run a business of your own?If you did
      i'd appreciate takng a couple minutes from your precious time and explain this board what would be your alternative.If you mention the word dilution i have my right boot ready to measure your rear end.Personally
      i believe they managed a good deal considering the fact that they have eyed greener pasture.Therefore
      before coming to conclusion relax cause there is no BK on sight and debt is managable.

      • 1 Reply to lupisv
      • It's best to ignore him and the one or two others who have the same agenda.

        HA is one of the best capitalized airlines and most everyone here (including him) know very well as a very profitable company that is well capitalized, the possibility of bankruptcy is beyond remote. If there were any type of possibility of bankruptcy, they wouldn't be able to get financing for the planes. Even more than that, anyone who looks at the interest rates and terms on the debt can see that it is an incredible deal. They were able to get the rates/terms on the debt specifically because of their strong financials.

        shiat-for-brains doesn't understand business, finance, or how to run a company. That isn't important at all for his objective. His objective is merely to flood the board with any negative posts he can - whether it is a lie is entirely unimportant. All that matters is his short position and if he can make 10 or 20 cents in the next couple days. If he's not posting, then he's closed his short position. He returns once he goes short again.

        It's too bad that children like him are allowed to run around unattended and unrestrained by their parents.

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