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  • joltingjosephine joltingjosephine Aug 10, 2009 6:48 PM Flag

    Headed for penny stock status?

    good luck, looks like you'll need it.

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    • thanks for the luck! We ALL need it... but as Wind/Solar is the new frontier, NCEN will be hitting ups and downs, but overall it is in necessary terms to have Wind/Solar... which is how you pick stocks- by necessary trends. NCEN will be fine. As will many of the start up stocks in this arena. One needs a three/five year outlook because that is how long it takes to bring things "online".

      NCEN has excellent management, which makes a difference as well.

      NCEN went from .80 up to 1.54. That represents a selling opportunity. Same as if you had Goldman/Sachs at $80 and it goes up to $154... you'd be selling, too. I am not comparing GS to NCEN, but only pretty closely to the price changes %wise.

      Stay tuned... you'll like it.

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      • That is probably the key, believing that wind power is a "neccessity". Man, I sure do not see it, unless some major breakthroughs in the technology, and major upgrades to our electrical grid in order to transfer the power where it is needed.

        It just seems that wind power is destined to be a very small niche player in the overall scheme of things. add to that the speculative nature of this particular company, which shows almost nothing in the way of revenues, assets, etc. and surely no prayer of profitability anytime in the foreseeable future.