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  • boogietoone boogietoone Jan 27, 2010 1:08 PM Flag

    Stock in a free fall

    Schaftlein and company better do something soon. We're down to half a buck today, and it probably will continue to fall. Impressive resumes mean nothing: Results and revenues are what are required. Something positive needs to happen this year, not next. And please, no speeches from anyone on how long it takes to development wind projects, etc. This company should never have gone public unless it had all this ready to go.

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    • This company should have gone public even if they had no projects developed so they could they could raise debt and equity financing easier. This is one of the main reasons a company goes public incase you didnt know.

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      • He doesn't know or understand. He is under water with this stock like every other moron who jumps in to a speculative stock because of it's low PPS and then whines because it moves sideways. Fact is, it takes money to fund these projects, money that Nacel just doesn't have yet. Like I said, accumulate shares if you think Nacel is going to get the funding at some point or get out of the stock and off this board. :)

      • There are many companies out there that won't (or can't) go public until they achieve some degree of revenue. Many VC's and market makers won't even consider taking a company public until EBITDA gets to at least $5 million or more. Lots of companies operate privately for several years before issuing an IPO. Going public right off the bat may not be the best option, especially if shareholders start to run out of patience, which may be the case here.

    • Sell your shares and be gone then! This is no way to make short term $$$. It is a speculative play at best! Instead of whining, accumulate shares at this price or don't! Times of fear = Time to buy

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      • I'll do what I damn well please. I am a stockholder, and have a right to be concerned about the continued drop in value of this company. If you don't like it, tough. Cheerleaders like yourself offer nothing except to continue to hide under the covers and wish the problems would just go away. All you've said for a year now is "its going to get better, lah, lah, lah". Well it hasn't gotten better. You like to point out the wonderful management that comes and goes in this company. Well they haven't done crap. You live in a dream world. Look at the balance sheet and wake up. Instead of cheer leading, grow the company.

    • At what point do you think a Dead Cat bounce might occur? It is really hard to tell I know, but for a short term trader, do you think at around .42 she could rally back a bit, or is it headed to the .30's?

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      • I'm not a short term trader, so can't answer your specific question. Without fundamentals, like revenue, it could keep dropping. I'm not sure how attractive this investment is even if they did have a project being built. Usually it takes 8 to 10 years of revenue to pay for all of the turbines, sub-stations and other construction. I'd guess some outside company will buy NACEL, take the leases and develop them. Don't know what price per share they'd offer, but at this rate, it may be close to ten cents.