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  • Profittaker2000 Profittaker2000 May 10, 1999 7:21 PM Flag


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    • for your factual, thoughtful posts. Long since over a year ago ($7.50), I quadrupled up this am and got (more than) 'even' overall in three hours :-)

    • Thanks for telling the TFS thread about AFCO.
      I'm long 3000 TFS from 10. After some DD, I bought 5000 AFCO today. I'm thanking you now, and I hope I'll be thanking you later..


    • There's no reason for AFCO to go to an expo.
      They're already coating MgO for a Korean PDP customer.
      There are only 2 display companies in Korea, Samsung
      and LG Electronics. Samsung has received $200m to
      open a TFT line, which might free up capital for other
      purposes. LG Electronics has announced major capital
      spending plans for the PDP market.

      In post 874 of
      the PHTN thread, optimist4321 post some incorrect
      info. The existing ATX-700 is already paid for and the
      selling price is $5-7m, so a sale would add $1.50-2.00 to
      earnings. The $3m price he refers to is the 7 previous
      generation Venture series sales at $21m. The ATX series cost
      $2.9m to develop, but I don�t know the material cost.
      If it is $1.5m, then the earnings kick from
      additional sales is $1.00-1.50/share.

      Since it would
      be a proven product, subsequent sales would be
      easier than the first. Based on market reaction to PHTN
      and other equipment companies, I believe AFCO could
      be a $60 stock. But, they haven�t made the initial
      sale. When they do, it will be an important turning
      point and I suggest that everyone jump in with both
      feet, even though the price is likely to double that

    • The AFCO partnership is not with a Chinese
      company. The partner is Nippon Sheet Glass, a Japanese
      Firm. NSG is a major supplier of the glass that AFCO
      coats. Glass is the major cost item for AFCO, and the
      partnership quickly produced a positive cash flow. See
      posting number 868 by Optimist4321 on the PHTN message
      Board. AFCO was able to neutralize the risk of a
      supplier going into the coating business, and reduce
      transportation and inventory costs. The glass goes from the
      Chinese fabricating plant to Japan or Hong Kong. Delivery
      is usually within 30 days of production.

      is identified with mass-produced low-cost items like
      automobile mirrors that dim easily at night. Quality is
      important, but markup is slight. AFCO wants to position
      itself as an equipment supplier for high information
      content screens which are becoming hot items in Lap Tops,
      HiD television and Plasma Display Panels.

      has patents pending and has passed some international
      hurdles regarding its patents. It's advanced engineering
      group is headed by John Kester who has impressive
      credentials that I can't vouch for.

      AFCO's business
      plan makes perfect sense, what needs evaluating is the
      quality of the product and the ability of their sales
      staff to persuade customers to try new equipment.

    • I am concerned about AFCO joint partnership with
      the Chinese Co. Who actually controls the Co.? And
      what is the make-up of the Board? Also how are the
      profits distributed? Joint partnerships in China with
      Chinese companies has spelt doom for several other
      companies in the past.

    • As far as Korea expo, don't know on that. It
      would be allright to have some web presence, imo. Once
      AFCO crosses the $5-10 level and heads significantly
      higher interest should abound in qty.

      What is of
      interest is how quiet this forum is. That will change in
      the weeks ahead. :>)

    • Are there any reports about AFCO at a flat panel
      exhibition held in Korea, this past week?AFCO was not listed
      as an exhibitor.
      The report in the 10-K about a
      pilot system in Korea is from June, July or August. Is
      it too early to expect some developments or did it
      turn out to just be a nibble?
      I am puzzled that
      AFCO has no web site, isn't that a useful way to
      answer questions about products?

    • First, let me thank you for all the info you've
      provided so far.

      Now, my last question (for a
      little while ;-)):

      Who are AFCO's competitors - I
      remember in their 10K that that said competition was
      tight, but don't recall any specific

      Again, thanks...seems to me if the ATX is good at one
      tech, it should be good at the other...perhaps just a
      matter of time before some companies adopt their tool.

    • AFCO is marketing for both uses.

      ATX-700 can be configured to sputter for either
      technology. However, AFCO has made more progress (i.e. a
      customer) with PDP than TFT. Nevertheless, the same
      companies that make PDPs also make TFTs, including the

    • I meant to say that I understand, for the most
      part, AFCO's interest in PDPs, but do they also have
      equip that lays out the thin-film transistors in LCD
      displays, or are we talking about completely different

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