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  • blackcab911 blackcab911 Aug 25, 2011 10:21 AM Flag

    maybe dilution is over

    seems like NVDL is not trying to raise equity but rather trying to do a duromist deal for an upfront payment or trying to match royalties up with qtrly R&D expenses.

    Both ways, if no dilution that would be good

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    • We could see a twice a year event that turns poor scramblers into overnight millionaires.

      The guy that owned the rights to American Idol turned a .06 stock into a $2 then $4 before it was privatized instantly.

      It doesn't happen ofter but if the likes of Teva come knocking the whole world could get turned upside down for everyone in a wink of an eye. The funder and holder of the common (hedge fund) has the cards to make it happen with a Viagara deal

    • agreed -- right now i think this is priced in anticipation of future dilution still and as clarity surrounding that need is resolved through these deals, the PPS should reflect accordingly....with some mimimal revenues over the next couple years...this could cruise...although the competitve environment for alternative delivery is really getting greater than it was 5-7 years ago from dissolvables under the tongue (sold in Mexico by Pfizer for Viagra), to the film strips, to nasals, to gel based formulation into the mouth, etc...all that pushes us further down...

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