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  • auagboy auagboy Jun 19, 2014 3:13 PM Flag

    Coconut oil Pam spray is stupid

    no wonder this company going down drain. In April CAG unveils plans for coconut oil Pam. COCNUT OIL IS MOST UNHEALTHY ARTERY CLOGGING GREASE THAT CAN BE CONSUMED.

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    • It might actually prove to be a home run.

      Coconut oil is popular in countries that haven't been subjected to the self promoting agenda of the US corn lobby.

      Two suggestions.

      First, google "lauric acid". That stuff might be as close to a health panacea as one might find in an oil. And coconut oil is, supposedly, 50% lauric acid.

      Second, google coconut oil and read the commentary from "granola" folks...those who are into organics and such. They appear to be fans of coconut oil - for a variety of purposes and uses.

      Too much of anything is probably not wise, but the net affect of coconut oil on human health appears to be the opposite of what you suppose.

      At worst, coconut oil is used in many sunblocks, so maybe we'll be treated to the sight of attractive beach bunnies spraying themselves with coconut Pam. 8-)


    • Nutritionists recommend a balance of many types of oils, avoiding hydrogenated oils and omega 6 as much as possible. I also avoid sunflower and safflower oil.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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