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  • ron_fudge ron_fudge Aug 12, 2014 10:56 PM Flag

    Cramer reads CAG ingredients and laughs

    On todays Mad Money show Cramer reads the ingredients and is shocked at all the un-natural chemicals contained in ConAgra products. Held huge can of CBAD Ravioli [I kind of like it] and read the ingredients and appeared shocked.

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    • Cramer is a showman, nothing more. He belongs in Barnum&Bailey. Matter of fact, CNBC has a lot of clowns and egotistical know-nothings cluttering up its once fine programming.

    • Cramer is just mad that his buddy Gary is out. Conagras problem is their mgmt. across the entire board.Its ran like the country, run up a lot of debt and pump and dump the stock to get rich for the upper guys like our congress. Prime for a takeover or breakup.

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      • Cant wait to see if the Board has gotten religion and names a young, bold, street smart guy as CEO. Now it's like trying see, grass grow--not very exciting, the CEO staying long enough to maximize his golden exit loot keeping Cag in a state of suspended animation. C'mpn Board--get cracking on he change in leadership---why dilly-dally until next year for no reason. A man who said he'll quit next April is nobody to keep around with half-hearted effort.

    • Saw that segment too. I think he was trying to rationalize why all the packaged food companies are in such a rut. K,Mondelez,Kraft,etc. He has a professed attachment to the organic/natural food companies. As much as they have grown in recent years,those food companies cannot get over their biggest hurdle; price. Yes, I see the ingredients and cannot pronounce half the names of those but, they will feed more of the world. Besides, just because they are organic/natural the nutrition level is the same. And a lot of them do use "chemicals" in their processing. It might boil down to whether you want no growth and high dividend or high growth and no dividend.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Well just because his intern can eat at chipolte every day, that doesn't mean the rest of the world can. I'm sure Cramer also doesn't have to eat packaged food like the rest of overworked America. So I just look at local grocery stores and see people buying prepared food for the convenience. O yes there are a few moms and overpaid interns with no jobs that can buy the expensive organic stuff that's hawked these days. I don't know how they do it.

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