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  • lc2buick lc2buick Apr 4, 2014 12:14 PM Flag

    I'm making a call to the SEC!

    This BS short attack needs to stop!

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    • I am here for the long haul. Markets and especially individual stocks are manipulated DAILY! Look at what happened to DECK last year.....bunch of bs spun by the shorts and knocked the price down from $120 or so to $30. That was not fun but didn't add to position until it was around $40 or so. It surely was fun to watch the shorts run when it took off! Same will happen here. Just need to be patient. Good company with good pipeline and strong "friends". Suddenly and without expectation, BANG....away it goes! We will have the last laugh! The more it's shorted and with as small of numbers being traded daily, the more powerful the blastoff will be!

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    • Hey dummy! Have you looked at the bios today? They're all getting slaughtered. Look at IBB and NBI for a clue, and take a chill pill.

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      • Thanks for the ckue #$%$. Its also being Heavily shorted, that is fact Jack. You FN idiot! It's a combo of things not just the recent slanmming of the Bi tech sector. How fn long have you been here???? Have you not noticed the BS trading pattern here?? It was 38 a few weeks ago then bacl down to low 30's, then up to 35-36 then back to 29's, then up to high 34's then the big DUMP to 26 (25 AH). So Again there has been more than meets the eye going on here, other than the fear selling and Bio dump! Pay attention!

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      • I didn't see him jumping up and down about calling the SEC when it went from $14 to $32 in 24 hours. He'll ready be #$%$ if we close that gap!

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