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  • pullingthestring pullingthestring Jun 28, 2007 11:22 PM Flag

    GreenPoint Mortgage

    I�m not sure why Kanas gets the bad rap for the way GP mortgage is run (blame him for the acquisition if you wish). He realized he had little/no national wholesale mortgage experience and left everything pretty much alone. Before he could get his arms around it, COF took over.

    As far as rumors, they are just those rumors, nothing more. I�ve heard so many rumors in the past and honestly most were far from the truth and never came to be. I admit that some did come to pass but very few. It would be foolish to take a lax approach to your job and risk getting FIRED (no package) when all it is is a silly RUMOR. Should management hold a meeting and address these rumors, I think not. It would just lend credence to those rumors. And what if the rumors are true, do you really think they will give honest answers to employees questions at this time�not!

    If you look back I started this thread and never answered where I heard the rumor from. I�ll answer it now� I heard it from a co-worker in the mailroom who thought he overheard an executive mention something about GP mortgage and then something a few seconds later about selling. I love all the folks in the mailroom but if you look at any companies mailroom staff� I do not have to say more.

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