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  • c280273b c280273b Jan 22, 2010 12:18 PM Flag

    cof owners=unpatriotic and/or stupid

    How can anyone that has half a brain be owners of this junk. They are at the forefront of handing out credit to anybody and everybody which is what is crushing our Country. They will be single digits again, only for a short time be for chapter 11. Yes people are still making their minimum payments at 18%+ interest but soon they will not and it will be in droves and it will be very, very ugly.

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    • come on, one of you idiot cof owners needs to justify buying here. the fall from 40 to 4 will be just as painfull as the one 80 to 8...only this time there will be no bounce, no recovery. It is easy, easy money. One last tip, when it starts to go its going to go fast... faster than last time.

    • More than likely their losses will mount when they tally up all the unpaid CC balances from Xmas alone. Plus the high unemployment in Chevy Chase territory will bring down their cash flow big time.

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