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  • play_tow play_tow Sep 4, 2009 4:15 PM Flag

    Poison Pill

    AMAG is clearly interested in going it alone. As this afternoon's announcement of a shareholder rights indicates, they are going to make it more difficult for any large interest to acquire the shares, cheaply.

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    • It is usually a negotiating tool. Most likely someone is offering a price way below what amag will take.

      There has been a lot of weird activity with volume lately....with flurries of large blocks going off. A hostile takeover was possible if it continued.

      The stock holders rights plan will either get the price that amag wants, or will cause the suitor (s) to back off any hostile activity.

    • Someone has been stockpiling shares down here, BP found out about it and they responded as they should.

      As i have posted, if I was remotely interested in acquiring AMAG, why not buy shares at these levels. Save money on buyout and block potential competing bidders.
      Love it.

    • I think they are making it harder to take it out in a "hostile" deal, but that does not mean management and the board would not accept a "friendly buyout" at the right price?

      The language here is confusing to me also, but it reminds me of the language for another poison pill for another ticker of mine!

      Other companies are obviously checking this out!


    • interesting. Could read several things into this. As you say, could just be sending a message that they want to go it alone. Could also be they've gotten some indications or approaches on a takeover already, and the price isn't near to thier liking. (I'm just guessing).... but still interesting. Maybe we'll see a hostile attempt prior to the record date of the 17thh.. That would certainly bring some excitement to the stock.... Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

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      • >>Could also be they've gotten some indications or approaches on a takeover already, and the price isn't near to thier liking. <<

        Yes, I think it usually is the case. Companies just don't suddenly adopt the poison pill, unless there are some indications of being taken over.

        BTW, have you noticed that there was a huge volume (about 1/4 of the entire volume) in the last half hour, and that the stock price moved from negative to positive?

      • The poison pill is common in many public companies, but Im thinking (speculating) that it is much less common in the biotech arena, where acquisitions by big-pharma is so prevalent.

        This seems, to me, to be an outlier action by a small pharma. It most certainly suggests that management is confident in their business prospects, and that they neither need, nor desire the deep pockets of big-pharma

        Of course, non of this negates their interest to co-partner with other entities for non-US marketing of Feraheme.

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