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  • genedocteur61 genedocteur61 Feb 11, 2011 10:42 AM Flag

    Narachi Needs to GO

    He has destroyed tremendous shareholder value at AMAG and now OREX

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    • Three strikes and he should be, amag and orex

    • gene must wonder what is up w/ this strange group of bedfellows? I mean Narchi at OREX and Contrave gets a CRL, Takeda is the partner there as well...Takeda is our partner at AMAG, and BP is our CEO and Narachi is the BOD Chairman...I mean one has to wonder where we are all going here. When I first looked up his CV years ago...the Amgen connections were what gave me some confidence..I mean 20 years at Amgen overseeing Neupogen et al...I'm thinking this guy has great creds...but after these two failure at both AMAG and OREX and w/ the backing of Takeda, I'm at a loss to figure any of this crap out now...and Narachi and BP are both about to be scrapped by a shareholders revolt! It is inevitable to put pressure on both by the private money that supports this INCOMPETENCE!

      I listened to Narchi's CC and he acted liked he was surprised by the CRL from FDA...WTF did he think he would get w/ a weight loss oversight on CV parameters in morbidly obese users?

      These guys CUT CORNERS w/ FDA...they do not do their DD properly...they do not anticipate the what if's of a draconian FDA...and yet they PAY THEMSELVES quite handsomely w/ our MONEY!

      I'm fed up w/ the lot of them!I give this +++ sentiment because I think they are all about to be outted/ousted and the stock pops on that news!


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      • Maybe Narachi is a big co boy and needs to go back to a big co with lots of staff and resources. He sure hasn't done a good job in smal companies and has destroyed AMAG, OREX and a little private company REN. You are so right about all of the connectivity. Narachi thought AMAG and OREX were lay ups and did cut corners. It will take 4-5 years to enroll the CV study and to report out the results. And the mess at AMAG with the premium price and lack of acknowledgement that a premium price in a generic market is a sad story. The commercial world has changed since Narachi was at Amgen and he is not keeping up.

    • and narachi should go with Brian.

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