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  • genedocteur61 genedocteur61 Jul 22, 2011 12:29 PM Flag

    Why I am backing the merger..

    Look at the poor sales of Feraheme and lack of a plan to penetrate the big users in the dialysis segment and you have your answer! This is not a team that can execute. The company needs an experienced CEO.

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    • AMAG has reported sales up to 12.7-12.9M for this this quarter from 10.9M last quarter and are projecting 60M for the year (that might be total sales including Feraheme).

    • wrong!

      ...ah genedoctor?

      ... the biggest dialysis users are part of a two huge chain of dialysis centers called Fresenius and Da Vita and both use Venofer which is dirt cheap, almost commodity driven.
      In fact Fresenius had a deal w/ Venofer for Inhouse admin in all centers! Dialysis is alosing business of generics and commodity type cheap products and meds! Thats not a business to sell a premium product and yet we were led to believe before approval that amag would play in that marketplace. EPO is abused and caused the feds to inact the CMS which is a prospective payment system and very strictly enforced, and inpatient Dialysis reimbursement is now BUNDLED as 1 bill and you have to make it work for all meds!


      When the feds changed the reimbursement game than amag got pinched and had to adapt to a focus in H/O offices and Infusion ctrs. Hospitals and outpatient Renal Centers and thats still very large business for them!

      Long ago AMAG decided not to get in p war and lose!

      There is plenty of business in Fe Anemia in the out patient centers in CKD, and they do appreciate only 2 injs vs 8-10 Venofer and are willing to pay up for that premium which is reimbursed under CMS at cost +6% I think, plus infusion charge!

      It would appear u r new to this dialysis stuff and may have just arrived over the merger!


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