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  • frankfrazzano frankfrazzano Oct 30, 2012 1:06 PM Flag

    SgJerry and guys ok?

    hope you boyz hunkered down ok....we are ok but we got one heck of a big scare...said lots of prayers for all of us to get through it!


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    • NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
      Total disaster here, house underwater, lost 30 years + worth of memories.
      Threw out today 33 RPM's remember Vanilla Fudge, Strawberry Alarm Clock,
      Bee Gees, not to mention Hendrix, Doors, beach Boys, Cream, you get the drift.

      My buddies houses completely collapsed into ocean, and the govt is ALL TALK,
      and no help.They are all full of bull, no electric, phone, heat internet or cell service.

      Me I am prepared, and know how to handle it, but so many are helpless.

      Pity the guys that try to loot my home. I have a nice surprise for them.
      The Desert Eagle's message leaves quite an impression.

      Sentiment: Sell

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      • Sg I have been worried about you cous'.....what can I do? Im also very concerned for BRONKO because I know he VACATIONS in FIRE ISLAND.....he has been Incommunicado for a long time now....he also suffers terribly w/ RA so Im doubly worried for BRONKO!!!

        We were so lucky down here...I watched the storm head N and when it turned W toward Cape May I knew all points N were going to get slammed...can I send you a check/cash...what can I do brother? Im 2 miles back from the Ocean so we stayed 2 days w/ my Mom who is 90 years old...shes farther Inland....we have 100' Ocean Pines and Im about to spend another $3K cutting more down that THREATEN the home on each storm!

        BHO and FEMA and that dipCH*T Mayor in NYC are all usele$$...I hope and pray that MITT gets in....Israel will be far safer w/ him as our President...I do not want to get U started on BENGHAZI but that looks like a total FAILURE to me...a serious dereliction of DUTY and HONOUR and DEFENSE... I think HILLARY really screwed that one up badly...if Im MILITARY w/ this CIC I may result to friendly FIRE and sacrifice myself for the good of the Nation...problem being we get JoeBITEME next...hes even WORSE!

        TUESDAY can not come fast enough for me and mine!

        I hope our BROTHERS/SISTERS in S.FLA pull for MITT...I heard they have Billboards in Miami that read,

        "OYE VEYS MIR no more BHO!"


        ok so keep in touch and drop me a line when you can by email

        Love Yah Cous' !


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