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    • Still holding on to the conspiracy theory zippy?

      You have as much knowledge about duplicate ID�s as you do about candlestick patterns. We all know how that endeavor turned out for you don�t we? Since there might be some children in the audience tonight I won�t go into details but lets just say I�m glad you didn�t try to harm yourself.

      Instead of the same old crap why don�t you explain your take on the problems outlined in the recent posts?

      Tell the board why you think constant share dilution is a good thing.
      Tell the board where you think the company is going to get the money for SA.
      Tell the board your thoughts on the spat between HL and GBN.
      Tell the board if you think the company made the right decision in selecting a partner that brings no cash into the deal

      Come on Zippy; give me something more than the tired crap of �bullish candlesticks�, �bash on� and redirection of questions with the duplicate ID�s red herring.

      Are you allowed to step up to the plate zippy? Will Tango give you the ok to do some freestyle posting?

    • Hey fdahope -

      You just screwed up and responded with your fresno_kid03 alias.

    • Nice you see you lurking zippy.

      It confirms my feelings that the flying pumper monkeys were still hovering in the area but most were too chicken shit to post. Maybe their spouses found about their losses in GBN and took away their computers.

      Did you sneak out of the house to use the computer at the library?

      In all seriousness zippy:

      Don�t you think its time to admit you were wrong? You and the other flying pumper monkeys were beating the drum for this stock since $3.09. The facts are the stock is currently $0.79 and making new 52 week lows. Do you feel shameful and guilty that you might have played a role in getting people to purchase this stock based on your recommendation?

      You can spew this �bash on� bs all you want but the facts are the facts.

      If you can�t admit the truth then you must be on the payroll of HDI.

    • It is far behind. It hit a new 52-week low today in case you didn't notice. As many problems as DROOY has, it still mines gold. Burnstone is a pipe dream.

      • 2 Replies to fdahope
      • I went back and have reviewed your posts. You are always negative and a sceptic at heart which has served you well. You have been a poster since the very begining of this board and are a neysayer. Keep up the good work. I have my own bias but I do not think that burnstone is a pipe dream. Are yor BBB, Fres, net porn, lesbo, gold vert all part of an overall conspiracy to distort, insult, redicule and generally eliminate rational dialogue. I have put the others on ignore and you are now among them. Click, Ignore. I will post what I think is important. I am going to South Africa and Zambia to look at some properties and do some hands on research. I will be gone for about a month and will report back. I is a wonderful medium this internet but this board is sad. Bye

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