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  • timodoz timodoz Jul 26, 2010 1:37 PM Flag

    Beware a polka dots and Balfuka Pro Spammers!

    Check out their IDs and their message lists. Members from a couple hours or days ago of the yahoo message boards.

    This is the kind of activity legitimate posters and investors must be so wary of.

    When you see these professional spammers attacking a message board irregardless of whether bullish or bearish, you can bet bad things are going to happen to the stock.

    Great Bag of Garbage is a perfect stock for stock manipulator schemers, pumps and dumpers and all other swimming with sharks dangers the legitimate investor should see as a dire warning. Swim with sharks and they will be your buddies. They are well drilled in how it is immoral to give sucker back their equity or money.

    I was rating this a sell but this activity seems to be making it increasingly clear that there is going to be problem, probably an indefinite delay to the Eskom power supply at Burnstone being reported at the mid Aug earnings conference. Perhaps they will even postpone that earnings report until Sept to hide out from the reality of not scheduling for enough Baksheesh or cumshaw for the Wogs.
    A multi million dollar mining facility NOT getting it's power supply in place a month or more before they are scheduled to operate. What a fiasco! Now a Strong SELL!

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    • arthur_norman_onymous arthur_norman_onymous Aug 11, 2010 10:26 AM Flag

      He has zero credibility.

    • megmac congrats-watching you two duke it out is a great way to pick up info

    • permanent eskom power supply delivered on aug 8. NO COMMENT? could you have been any wronger? of course not but instead of manning up you will try to find something else wrong. you are the spin master but you carry no weight. your lack of knowledge has been exposed and i love knowing im on the other side of your opinion.

    • The report sheds light alright. GBG still losing 2 cents a share and probably closer to 2.5 cents a share if adjusted for dilutions. Options outstanding as low as $1.25, my target for the stock based on it's inability to effectively ramp up production to it's stated goals. Then we see this socialist fiasco with "Black enterprise empowerment" where a South African group of "Financiers is sold a huge block of shares and then the company is pledging to meet their debt obligations on their loans. They borrow money and if they default the company is then liable for their debt they took on to make this stock purchase? That is a a very nice and fancy way to skirt the US foreign corrupt practices issues. But then this is a Canadian miner anyway. I saw very little in this report to indicate this stock is about to break out. Meanwhile Burnstone continues to sit idle.
      There is language as to 20% of Burnstone production being hedged? That means to me selling forward BELOW current market prices. I personally anticipate a consolidation in gold down to near $1070. From there it is right back up to $1200 and most likely $1300 before year end and $1500 some time next year.
      Gold will remain in a secular bull market until the US Ten year Treasury bond rate goes above 4% and stays there for an extended period.

    • Are you buying it or selling? Maybe you are buing?

    • There are some potential positives. Hollister new reserves, Money from sale of gold, full mining permit for hollister & Burnstone startup. The mining prospects for this company are stellar.

      The paid bashers are another positive. The shorts must be worried.

    • Mean while back at the real market today, tomorrow, Friday,& then 8/2, the first trading day of the new month the technicals are extremely bearish for gold prices. Gold could be closing in on the normal +/- ~15% correction seen before several times, off gold making new highs previously. Options just expired and Gold has dropped below the psychological 900 Euro mark. By the time the CEO is erring and auhting over trying to explain that Eskom has still, a week after last announced as the target date, not put in place an adequate power supply to Burnstone to facilitate startup, gold could be a lot closer to $1060. Then you have the following 8 weeks into the dilution. Some here are counting chickens before they hatch. Burnstone being delayed by a month or more is going to put a dagger through the earnings per share being projected for the current qtr.

      I think the poster is correct about good things in 2011. And those good things will be even better reflected in the stock price off this incipient decline in the share price persisting. As far as cows are concerned and their milk...The udders are the only part of the cow the USDA prohibits from going into a hot dog. This Great Bag of Garbage could just possibly get to $2 in 2011 despite the bumbling voracious management. It is just that a target price of near $1.25 is more likely long before we see $2 for ever so briefly. And then WHAM!!! another BDF or other major dilution event.

    • I think the cow who muuu--uuu too much gives little milk; Body!!

    • wow. and i gave you credit for being educated on the miners? gbg has nothing, zero, zilch, nada to do with the delay regarding eskom hooking them up for power. this is how it is in places like s. africa and you should know that. the idea that they are going to postpone the earnings report till september is utter stupidity and is something being speculated on by the doom sayers like yourself. no facts and alot of negative assumptions because of your opinion on the company. perhaps you are one of the spammers you are warning people of? your strong sell at 1.73 is noted and documented.

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      • My string of posts going back several years on the yahoo message boards are also well documented. The ID and message catalog are the evidence of a spam attack. If it is sketchy or just invented and there are few if any posts such as the one you have just written then these scammers are easily revealed.

        This stock is a dangerous investment at this point. It does not mean I will not continue to follow it and perhaps at a proper valuation, in a proper time frame in relation to a proper gold price take another position in it.

        On my list of GBG messages those messages I referred to and the thread have been deleted. Yahoo is not always that proficient at ID ing and deleting this kind of garbage especially when it is organized and perniciously persistent, but they do make some efforts.

        The spam attack is the "facts and a lot of negative assumptions" The thing is the spammers attacking the stock is not an assumption. I was in Durban in 1976 and a few times since. My last time was in 2004. I certainly do know how it actually is in South Africa, I know first hand, not through some politically exorcised news footage that try to paint the situation as wonderful evolution in a society. The belief I have that the power service to Burnstone will be further delayed is not germane as to assessing fault. It is an assessment that this project is most likely not doing well and that the costs of amortizing the investment is growing. A cost that is going to show up in earnings for a few more quarters until the mine is actually in production. If you were not producing into the ramp to $1268 on gold, then start producing on a price $200/oz less than that some of the guidance management will give in the conference and financials in a couple of weeks may be just a little too sanguine as the track record of this management has shown.

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