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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Jul 17, 2008 3:28 PM Flag

    Ive never seen drops like this before

    thanks golf. Problem is I need whats in my account to live on and now theres not much to take out. Yuh gotta realize, many people have their life savings in the market, and its not enough to where a 30% loss wouldnt keep them up at night. Sure if I owned 1 million dollars of KWK and my account went down to 666k, I would nt care. But I dont. Anyway, your right. I hate being a buy and holder, buy they aint getting my shares at this price! Good luck to us all.


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    • well, first, you dont want to sell off energy stocks, because of a dip.

      this company has also begun to gamble, going into debt and paying premium price for more gas reserves. THEY obviously dont see a long term dip in energy prices, they see higer prices. they could be wrong, but THEY ARE the experts.
      they also diluted this stock by 300 mil's worth, whatever that amounts to?? still, the whole thing , to them, is worth the gamble. they see prices going up. NG is tied to oil prices and thats not an accurate practice altogether. oil ran up from 50 to 150. if it goes thru a correction it shouldnt drag us with it, to this degree. NOW people cant invest everything they have into stocks, when we've seen the affects of hedge funds, enemy investors shorting us, our govt erroring ALWAYS killing our dollar and econ and market, and now bailing out te financials that CAUSED alot of this pain. we've sufferd alot of the defaulted homes BUT NOT the contuing defaulting credit card business, the Individual demise(financially speaking) thats still coming up.
      recession? the amero? the USA could default on their debt!!! seriously, and then introduce a NEW currency, the amero! wow world will stagger, foreign debt holders will be killed off, but investors in the market will be shletered because now they SELL and get valuable AMEROs instead of a weak dollar. Good reason to own non-USA stocks. a stronger dollar(amero) wont help the trade balance.
      WAIT it gets better...What will happen to energy stocks when the 20 nuke power plants being built in china today, when they come ONLINE!? this 50 to 150 for oil is because of emerging market demand. China's demand will be erased overnight as nuke power replaces fuel demands. also, no other country will compete with them in manufacturing with their cheap labor, and cheap energy!.
      KWK will tank when these nuke plants come online. takes YEARS to build them. SO hold your KWK til it recovers, but then diversify, keep a large cash position, get into the amero as soon as its offered to the public(the rich will get in first some how they always DO!) the amero will be liek a HUGE IPO offering. LOL
      the poor get in last, at a much worse price.
      sweet dreams now.

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      • jh123457: "THEY obviously dont see a long term dip in energy prices, they see higer prices. they could be wrong, but THEY ARE the experts. "

        If anything, that's the problem. These reserves they just purchased were bought on the assumption that they can drill on 250-foot staggered patterns. They bought 350 BCF with 88% NRI for $1.3 B. That's $4.22/MCF of proved reserves. That's high for today's market, and the only way this works is if they can truly develop on 38-acre spacing as they have assumed. The problem is that KWK is not known as a reservoir-intensive company. They are more known as exploiters based on acreage possession, not reservoir analysis and optimization. They are limited in the expertise necessary to analyze and act on the reservoir optimization. CHK paid top dollar for the DFW acreage based on similar very aggressive assumptions, and they are disappointed/underwhelmed with their results up there. Wells that should be IP'ing 6-7 mmcfd are coming in at 4.0-4.5 mmcfd. If the same happens with the Alliance acreage, KWK will suffer in the stock price.