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  • jh123457 jh123457 Jul 25, 2008 7:14 PM Flag

    Every F_____ Day, KWK Drops...

    from reuters:Quicksilver plans to fund the $1.0 billion in cash and $307.0 million in stock transaction through a $700.0 million 30-month, second-lien term loan, operating cash flow and an existing credit facility. The stock issue will be based on the average volume-weighted price for the 15 consecutive trading days prior to the transaction's closing, currently slated for Aug. 8

    NOW, IF these same finance folks SHORT our stock during those days they will get more shares for the debt! thery could even borrow, buiild a financial package to SHORT KWK!
    Im about to repost a reuter paragraph that tells morebad news, KWK getting into too much debt. IF their credit rating falls they'll haveta find additional financing at poor prices. and with NG staying at $10 or falling...
    well...for now, expect the shorts to cover and pop th stock to 29-31 before 6 Aug

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    • So maybe it would be a good idea to short early in the week (day or 2 trades).You really see KWK hitting high 20's before earnings on 8/6?

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      • shorting late in the game is not always safe. if they have a huge short position it will take them a few days to cover, without popping the stock price too high on their exit.
        what are we, two weeks away, and you want to enter now?
        Day traders might try it???
        notice what has happened last few days, we went up then downnnn.
        I;'ll bet some folks will short as it leaves the daily peak price, but shorting is dangerous game, with no limit to your losses.
        Im just explaining why its going down i mean, besides a major energy price correction occuring now too. Cramer had been talking NG up a lot, talking about $16 specualtion, but now says it might hover at $8?
        he knows more than me, knows more people than me, and if HE changes his mind so often, what do "I" know about future prices. But...We should see a spike prior to the report, at least from shorts covering going into it. as for me, I mighht exit at that time, and see what is going to happen??? NG isnt oil! and its used more to cool america (util plants) and keep us warm in winter. KWK IS listed a BUY ,(demand isnt going downnn (oil/gas might some from people driving less but not NG customers a/c use(power plants)or winter heating)but is the BUY so that some of their big clients can exit with a good price? never trust an analyst.
        Cramer says buy-hold doesnt work anymore. well I'd think energy might be the only exception to that rule, yet KWK keeps dropping. I HOPE its those finance folks shorting us, trying to get an additional 15-20% return from us.
        After next pop in price, Im going to get out and go look at chinese stocks, Indian stocks, and Brazilian stocks.
        I'll return to American stocks once the Amero is introduced.

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