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  • jh123457 jh123457 Mar 3, 2009 2:31 PM Flag

    what a conference call....... zzzz...

    very good short term move, logical.
    but as big money moves out, and the shorts hit KWK hard, and the price drops into the $4's, say $4.40,
    this stock will be spring-loaded!

    what could pull the trigger?

    an agreement for partnershiped development that brings in large amount of CASH(that can service the debt)! also, in May, banks saying all is well with KWK debt situation. these are realistic, probable. we could get extreme and say IRAN could block a passage using nuke/material, cutting off our oil by x %, and energy prices spike high over night! then the shorts cover over night!!! you'll be lucky to get back in at $6.40

    SO maybe it's good to take a position, or option, while its in the $4's now.
    but its sounds like you saved 33%!
    and now can re-enter and make $ as it returns to higher prices!? right?

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    • Your post makes sense to me my thoughts are pretty much in line with yours my buy order is in for tomorrow. I truly believe that trouble in the Middle East is likely to happen sooner than later it’s just a mater of time they will test Obama. Also there is a down side summer is on the way Nat gas usage will be down industry is cutting back I think KWK offers less risk than banks auto companies I will spin the wheel on this one for now.

      My biggest concern about any investment now is Obama this guy is on a rampage and destroying America it just makes me sick.

      Mo Gumbo

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      • I totally have concerns like you, the world view.
        Let's keep in mind, it was hedge fund managers nad banks that got us into trouble.
        some people voted for Obama because they thought he was special or had a secret way of fixing this HUGE MESS...but he didnt.
        we are stuck with banks FULL of bad debt! even still. and the housing will devalue even further, unemployment will continue to rise.
        part of this is our way of life/economy is cyclic in nature. we now pay our workers too much to remain competitive. we need to experience a deep recession or depression to revalue our salaries/prices, to become competitive again, labor wise. these banks with all this debt, just makes it worse! and trying to salvage them by throwing tax money WE HAVENT GOT will only make things worse! and what happened to Obama 's idea to create meaningful jobs to fix the infrastructure??
        if we had to spend billions nd billions(trillions?) why not this way, instead of throwing good money after bad at the banks?! let the banks fail! create a temp national bank to provide loan funds, soon commericial banks, new ones , will come in and take over! now, the banks take this money and try to pay off their bad debts, instead of loaning it out!! that doesnt help anyone except the banks and share holders of those banks. tax payers are being robbed! ok, enough. I hope bailing out the banks doesnt make a 2 year depression last 6 -10 years!