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  • jh123457 jh123457 Apr 21, 2009 2:00 AM Flag

    SATANIC JPM increases IR x 4 !!!!

    those bastards get FREE money from tax payers, then they loan money to companies at low rates ,ONLY TO INCREASE THOSE RATES when the ompanies use the line of credit!
    in this case, that's a line of credit near a billion dollars, and NOW they increase the IR by as much as 4 times the original rate!!!!

    ok, KWK credit base is approved , but we inherit a HUGE increase in interest rate, PLUS we're losing 33 million in divs from a company kwk partially owns. actually, its 11 million loss per qtr until ...hell freezes over.

    with credit lines from other sources dried up, JPM knows they can increase IR rates to WHATEVER (ie times 4!) and KWK can not shop elsewhere for a better deal. monies are dried up, even though the USA govt GIVES AWAY billions to JPM and others to MAKE FUNDS AVAILABLE. may they rot in hell when they die!
    yeah yeah, go out and buy JPM, sounds like they know how to take advantage of everyone from uncle sam to kwk to make a fortune! imagine the qtr they're going to report!
    i doubt kwk is the only victim preyed upon by JPM, just 1 of thousands of companies!
    seriously, increasing IR rates like this, their next qtr will be GREAT! thats JPM, buy the stock NOW. LOL
    as for KWK, we're screwed!
    900 million in debt, and we're being hussled by loan sharks. what can we do about it? with ng prices as they are, increasing production wouldnt be enough. we need a new line of credit from other banks/institutions.
    no, weeeee neeed a govt bailout!!!
    or, we need to issue/sell 900 million dollars worth of STOCK! it wouldnt dilute our stock price more than this DEBT! NO INTEREST!!! no LOAN SHARKS/USARY!!! this is not a great environment to underwrite such a move , but....
    anything to escape the demonic clutches of JPM!

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