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  • dlightsey2001 dlightsey2001 Aug 20, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

    Low Volume - signs that they have moved on

    Looks like all the manipulation is just about over. Volume has dried up and we are in Disconnect with the market, energy sector funds, etc. Asset base doesn't indicate any relevance to PPS and now the stock has got to earn/prove its way back into the market place. Backruptcy is practically out of the question for many years ahead and the stock is fully priced as if it will happen within 6 months. Exporting LNG in two yrs out. However, NG prices continue to climb and KWK is not participating. Got to get the stock back into the ballgame, on the upside of the ballgame not the downside. Need some press release catalyst.

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    • Its also close to a technical breahthru, and I would like to see that first. Ill definitely take any catalyst, but if this stock shows any signs of momentum before that, lookout! Moving averages are getting tight, consolidation here in the 1.60's, MACD looking good. Its overbought a little, but theres not much selling in sight. Like you said, no bankruptcy probability and really no forseeable negative catalyst. We definitely need to reconnect, but its just a matter of time. A very short matter of time in my opinion.

    • APA, EOG, CHK, PQ, BCEI, NFX, SWN all competitors and NG stocks are up across the board today and trading 3-7X higher in enterpise value vs KWK releative to asset bases. The time should be near for a move higher....much higher.

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      • dlight,

        I'm seeing the same action as you across the board in nearly all NG stocks EXCEPT KWK.
        Why we continue to see selling pressure is beyond me. Why we aren't seeing more buyers willing to pay more is perplexing. Time for David Erdman and Darden to get busy with some of these strategic announcements. Look at Hess/NFX news yesterday that their "anticipated" Asia asset sale has closed bidding process and XOM/RDS are in the running. Hope KWK does something similar to juice the stock price. Need the press release catalyst (MT sale or HRB end of bidding process) to start the upward momentum.

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