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  • nicheblogger nicheblogger Feb 16, 2014 1:53 AM Flag

    Would like knowledgeable longs to help me out here


    First off, I'M NOT A SHORT. I'm a casual shareholder considering becoming a much bigger and serious shareholder, so I'm doing my DD first.

    I found a couple articles online which point to areas of concern regarding SGLB and who they do business with. The author states that they do not short any stocks mentioned, but the articles have a FUD-type flavor to them. I'd like the input of veteran shareholders on these items if you'd be so kind.

    The articles are found here:

    This topic is deleted.
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    • rniesen77 Feb 17, 2014 4:25 PM Flag

      See Seeking Alpha article on Sigma Labs; there is just one. It summarizes the case for SGLB this year.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • That article is what caused me to start digging a little deeper. However, there were no rebuttals or mentions of the items brought up at nanalyze. When I invest larger money I typically try and talk myself out of it as best I can; if I can't, then I'll proceed with the investment.

        I don't think the issues highlighted at nanalyze outweigh the huge potential existing with Sigma, but if I don't ask about them then I'll never get any input.

    • Dilution is the name of the game for these people. If the share price is 11 cents, they'll sell for 1 cent. If the share price is 15 cents they'll sell for 8. It's a funny game they play.

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      • If you're just a miserable short pretending to be Andrew Left of Citron, shame on you (although I wouldn't expect any more decency). If you're unfortunate enough to share a name with that piece of #$%$, then I feel a litttlleee sorry for you.

        I share your sentiment when I say I am pleased to see SGLB collaborating with big industry names. I'm long 3D printing in general and definitely found SGLB worth a small bet/investment. $0.12 seems to be a support/pivot for this stock as of the recent couple of months. GL

        Sentiment: Buy

    • i am neither....but i was in the original PP back in 2010. I had over 2.5 million shares and held, and held...most of the time it was against me. I sold them on that big move up...about halfway. Had I been in a coma for 2 more weeks, I'd have double the $ in my SGLB coffers. As i've stated before....the only real value in this company is their 3D technology. If you believe what i believe regarding that, then either this stock goes to the moon, or goes sub a penny. Personally, i'd rather buy it on a run higher based on great news...even if that means paying .25 or .35/share....i personally think thats a safer play than loading up here, waiting to see if you lose 98% of your $ if their 3D tech gains serious traction. of course, depending on your financial situation, it might be worth placing a smallish type bet.

      good luck to all you believers.....hopefully, you won't need it. i'll be placing a smallish type bet if it ever gets back to .06, otherwise, I'll be buying .30s as it move upwards.

    • BTW it's interesting that I received so many thumbs down on this. If this came from long shareholders, please consider that newcomers to this investment may find the same information online and want to hear input. Better for them to hear a reasoned response then to turn away and not become shareholders at all.

    • Really old news here.

      Not sure how the use of the Hudson as a placement agency effects them 3 years down the road, I would say it's just a case of let's throw something at the wall and see if it sticks. Somewhat similar to you or me using a Realtor to sell their house who is later found to have ties to a shady mortgage company, we paid our commission and sold the house and have no further dealings with them.

      The 120 million shares were able to be traded on 1/18 and have had no material impact on the PPS as opposed to some who said it would crater when the shares hit the market. There has since been another placement at 8.5 cents with 9 month warrants with an exercise price of 15 cents, also no real impact on PPS.

      As to who they paid to design a Facebook page, who cares whether he's a commodities trader or design guru. last time I looked they weren't in the commodities business so no conflicts here. Googled David Zirulnikoff and as far I can see there isn't anything about him that smacks of shady dealings, he was in M&A and capital raising for small OTCBB companies in the past. The consulting agreement makes for interesting reading,

      Amazing what one can do with the internet these days with a little time and some initiative

      As you can see from the lack of meaningful posts on this board the "hot money" has left this stock and now gone elsewhere. It appears that until there is meaningful news regarding IPQA this stock will trade in the 10 to 15 cent range. If the news about IPQA is good it should go up but if not probably back to the bargain bin. Since they were able to attract more financing I would lean toward the former because not many companies will invest if there isn't a good chance of price appreciation.

      BTW you would be well served to make judicious use of the ignore option here because there are several posters whose posts add nothing to the discussion.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Thank you very much for your response! I've gotten used to ignoring shorts over on the UNXL forum and on this forum I've already ignored about 4 posters. I don't like to ignore all of them too quickly as sometimes they'll have an intriguing point or data to provide, but it seems that 9 out of 10 times they're full of #$%$.

        I'm fairly new to the stock but there seems to be a lot of promise here, not just in what they're bringing to the table but also who they're surrounding themselves with (GE, Honeywell, Top-Tier Aerospace). Combine that with the new board member and this year looks promising.

        Thank you again and hope to hear your input more often as I frequent this board.

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