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  • nellgwyn nellgwyn Sep 27, 1999 3:07 PM Flag

    today's action

    huge volume today and we're down. in fact,
    catellus has been drifting lower for the last several
    weeks; but have there been negative announcements;
    analyst downgrades? I follow the mission bay story
    because I live in the SF area and it's going fine.

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    • I may be wrong, but I do think there's explosive
      potential in their California real estate tracts. You live
      here so you know how quickly the market has moved from
      cold to super-hot. Their other holdings are also in
      good markets--Phoenix, Chicago, and Dallas.

      you have Catellus in your IRA, a nice feature is its
      relative safety as a long-term holding. Technology is
      regularly replaced by newer technology, but there's only so
      much real estate and it never goes out of style.
      Especially in places like San Francisco, where that Mission
      Bay holding looks right over the water at the bay
      bridge, and in Orange County, which you know just keeps
      growing and growing.

      Good luck. We both may be in
      weeping and wailing five years from now--but I doubt it.

    • I live in Del Mar and tend too get a little impatient, I will hold on since it's in my IRA. Thanks for the advice

    • One investor's financial corpse is another
      investor's seed money.
      Myself, I'm more of a farmer than
      a mortician. I don't mind waiting a year or two if
      I can see explosive growth at that time horizon.
      Others move on if it's unlikely the stock will revive in
      a month or two.

      Two years from now I think
      the price appreciation in CDX stock will more than
      make up for the waiting. I'm not alone in that
      thinking. Value Line expects the stock price to be between
      25 and 40 in the 2002-2004 window. At 40 that would
      give a 35% annual total return.

      And Value Line
      may be low and late in their projection. Catellus has
      a sold portfolio of development property in
      California, and California real estate is back on track
      increasing in value and scarcity after a decade of being in
      the doldrums. (I feel that firsthand, because I just
      closed on a home in Ventura.) Catellus has some great
      locations which should be coming to the market soon, like a
      great piece of property in San Francisco.

      I sold
      my Catellus several months ago to raise cash for the
      home closing. I bought back in several weeks ago
      because I know it's a solid developer with a great
      portfolio, and at the currently depressed price I couldn't

      I can wait for a year or two. So I don't consider
      CDX "dead money."

    • <EOM>

    • The Wall Street Journal reported that Catellus
      has negotiated to sell a $200 million white elephant
      in Los Angeles, called, curiously enough, the "Blue
      Whale." It is West Holywood's Pacific Design Center with
      713,000 square feet of space. The WSJ says the building
      was "saddled with vacancies" and that CDX and its
      Laguna Niguel (CA)partner have been struggling to make
      the mortgage payment "for several

      That's some sort of good news for Catellus and the only
      story I know about.

    • Pretty high volume any story or reason.

    • I think the decline is due to interest rate jitters. Most interest rate sensitve stocks have been down. I'll buy more at 11 if CDX goes that low. I think it's a great company.