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  • suxbuts suxbuts Jul 27, 2009 8:58 AM Flag

    Other Media

    my brother has been a GCI employee for 18 years-so I AM sure. so please buy all of the GCI you want so he can sell it to you. while we're at it, any chance you can use a few slightly used printing presses? they might be willing to throw in some ink and paper also, but you have to pick them up.

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    • You had better make your move and short GCI before too long. You might miss your chance for the big down move following the massive move up, now 8%+ alone today. No better time to be contrarian.

      As for the printing presses. If you would carry them out yourself. Gotta make room for the servers.

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      • funny, they are laying off reporters, editors, photographers, but NOT hiring PC support and network people. guess those are self servicing servers you're talking about. it is a ship sinking with a hole in it. so rather than fix the hole, they are throwing staff off the boat. that makes the boat lighter, but doesn't solve the problem of the hole in the boat. and neither do servers young man

    • Put your money where your mouth is and short GCI. I dare you.

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      • wel i did short won from $14 down to $2 because I knew the then ceo Peter Kosan was useless-probably because I worked with him. then there's the c r a p you're shoveling on this board which is based and what, exactly? hope and wishful thinking? something you read on another website? I got real world experience son-in media. It's pretty obvious you don't.