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  • wilson2207 wilson2207 Apr 28, 2004 11:59 PM Flag

    I Came, I Saw, I Liked, I Trusted...

    The following has nothing to do with PHM:
    The following is my opinion which may be as egregious and ex parte as the contracts new house purchasers are compelled to sign:

    I came, I saw, I liked, I trusted, I regretted the purchase of a new house from a corporate/public new house builder.

    Naive in believing that the new house builder could be trusted, yes. Deceived by the new house builder's behavior? Not in the eyes of the new house builder, this is business as usual. In the eyes of the the general public? Reasonable people would think so. Visit the web sites below for third party corroboration of what I have to say. How far can you throw your new house builder?

    Buying a new house, choose wisely.

    The following is based on my opinion and experience.

    New house risk is potentially,100%+.

    With SOME new house builders, once the sale is closed you are on your own. The 'warranty' is nothing more than window dressing.

    In the past, many people purchased a new house as a means of avoiding the pitfalls inherent in buying a 'used', resale, house. The rationale being that everything was 'brand spanking new' and therefore, the potential risks and headaches of buying a 'used' house would be avoided. This is no longer the case, particularly with some corporate/public new house builders. Local new home builders had a relationship with their communities that encouraged quality construction, and satisfied homeowners as a means of preserving the builder's reputation. This too, is no longer the case. Now, some corporate/public new house builders lobby to have legislation passed (construction defect legislation) so as to preserve their profits, rather than providing the new house buyer a quality product. Corporate/public builders masquerade their business practices under the guise of providing 'affordable' housing when in reality, it is preservation of the 'bottom line'that is their only concern. The dominance of corporate/public new house builders has commoditized residential housing to the detriment of all except the corporate/public new house builders and the capital markets that support their behavior. Some may view this as the value added model of residential construction and contend that demographics bode well for the future of the residential construction industry as an investment. This may be true, but the strength of the investment is predicated on the strength of the customer base and this industry is doing everything within its power to destroy the golden goose.
    Until the corporate/public new house building industry is willing to take responsibiltiy for the houses they build, the success of their business model is a short term phenonmenon. Public awareness will determine the length of the short term.

    This is not your Mother's new house building industry.

    Am I blowing smoke? Visit, and the other links below, for the truth concerning this matter and to protect your interests.

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