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  • wilson2207 wilson2207 Oct 10, 2004 9:48 PM Flag

    "America's best home builder"? II

    You see, after you buy a new home, move in, buy furniture and all the other expenses involved in a new home, most families just do not have the funds to take on a 3 billion dollar a year corporation in court. I got what I paid for, a cut rate attorney. Now I have to pay a bigger price. A home that is basically worthless. Many attorneys will not even take these types of cases because of the difficulty they present in court. These cases become a war of expert witnesses. Experts are very costly and unless you have very deep pockets, you may not be able to counter the builders experts.

    If you were to scan the internet you will find many web sites from families that Pulte has run into financial ruin. Since most of their contracts demand mandatory binding arbitration, all records of actions against this company are not made public. The other tactic they employ is to drain the family out of their life savings, then offer a settlement that favors Pulte Homes. A gag order is put into place and again no public record of this companies actions are available to the public.

    Most states have disclosure laws requiring the homeowner to list any defects known in the house. This makes the house a white elephant to the seller. Pulte can buy back the house and resell it at full market price with the defects still in place and avoid disclosure. Most states have an exemption that stipulates that disclosure is not required if the seller never lived in the house. Nice way to play with the laws and get away from their responsibilities. Check out my web site at or go to or even try just to whet your whistle. You are putting your good name on as a recommendation to a company that is not all that you say it is. Check it out for yourself. You can even go to Yahoo!.com and just type Pulte in the search box and go to web pages. You will see.

    Scott Santora
    President, Ohio chapter of HADD
    Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings
    A not for profit consumer group

    This is the response from J.D. Power and Associates
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    • Ethics does not make a profitable company. They retain attorneys and funds to pay off judicial verdicts and political clout reaches far. A consumer is just another worm to step on and make the executives feel the cushioning effects from the hard ground.

      You are just another worm. Complaining that you lost money. Your money is already spent and you lost it. Too bad. Go bankrupt and complain. Since when did you think that JD Powers is ethical as well. It's all about packaging. JD Powers is just another company on the take and you consumers need serious shearing of your money. LOL

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