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  • honda4everrrr honda4everrrr Feb 18, 2005 12:48 PM Flag

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    I would say enough is enough when there are enough people coming in to seriously affect the employment pool. We don't have enough LEGAL immigration to be a problem. Bush says he's in favor of people coming in to do jobs we won't. Who wouldn't? The truth is that there is not a job in this country which someone here won't do. Only jobs we won't do for $6.00/hr.

    I suspect they know they don't have enough money to seal up the border so this is how they are dealing with it. Or it's some aid scheme. Instead of us giving money to Mexico to fight poverty, we let them sneak across to work and send the money back.

    <<It sure seems, though, that the future of homebuilders is tied up in young immigrants with families. They are a large part of the future potential homebuying population in the USA.>>

    It's tied allright, just not the way you are thinking. Think masons, roofers, framers, etc. Not consumers.

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