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  • wilson2207 wilson2207 Jan 4, 2006 4:25 PM Flag

    We got ripped-off, but you won't...,I

    The following has nothing to do with PHM:
    We (We, meaning my family) got ripped-off. But don't worry it won't happen to you.

    At one time my attorney told me, "They (meaning Sanford/Beazer Homes)may have insurance to cover your new house warranty claim". This was in the context and my understanding that my attorney had spoken with a Sanford/Beazer Homes, Beazer/Sanford Homes representative.
    America supports a winner. America supports competition. America supports truth and justice. America supports fair-dealing. America frowns on winning by dubious means, dishonesty, arrogance, unfairness, and the taking advantage of the less fortunate, less capable, and less well equipped of its citizens. Unethical is not illegal. This is my understanding.

    Let me share a story with you, that was shared with me, by a new house owner:

    Beazer Homes had not yet acquired Sanford Homes. A Sanford/Beazer Homes, Beazer/Sanford Homes warranty manager told a Sanford Homes' new house owner that it was not unusual for windows to leak during a rainstorm (this is in a new house). The new house owner suspected that the window(s) had been installed incorrectly. Eventually, it was determined that the windows had been installed incorrectly, and the problem was corrected. This result was not an easy task for the new house owner to achieve.

    This new house owner also had to seek legal representation to address other issues regarding his new house and related warranty matters. He sought the advice of a prestigious, construction defect law firm and was referred to another attorney/law firm, as the prestigious law firm had a conflict of interest, or some other such thing, and could not represent the house owner in his complaint against Sanford Homes. There eventually was a settlement. The new houseowner did not seem satisfied, but was grateful to have this ordeal with his builder Sanford Homes behind him (Beazer Homes had not yet acquired Sanford Homes). The new house owner refused to pay the final invoice he received from his attorney. The new house owner was also required to sign a Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement as a condition of this settlement.

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