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  • hedgecutter10 hedgecutter10 Mar 14, 2006 1:42 PM Flag

    Homebuilders on a TEAR!!!!!!!

    At least those who build medium priced homes. PHM builds a lower cost quality DeVosta home. They are in very high demand in all areas because they are affordable for teachers, bankers, nurses and the people we need to make a community. If you can't aford to live where you work you just can't work there. Huge housing projects are going on in Newport, RI and it needs to happen here in SW Florida as well. Builders have a whold new nitche.

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    • I meant Asian students here in the U.S. They do better here, as well. I believe this is because, speaking in statistical generalities of course, Asian families rate higher than average in respect for learning. It's part of the culture, and that can also be reflected in your overseas observations.

    • Asians do better because they go to school year round, and 8 hrs/day, and focus on fundamental learning. We have part-time schooling with too many breaks, too much fluff. Teachers unions are ruining US education imo

    • Providing vouchers would allow all kinds of experimentation in learning.I can't even imagine the possibilities that private,profit seeking companies would find for advances in the way children learn.We now have the internet.Why couldn't high school or junior high students mostly learn online.There could be thousands of online schools.Cost would be very low.Parents could pay for their own children's education.If they paid they would care and seek out the best education for their children.I can imagine Consumer Reports and many websites rating online schools.Especially gifted students wouldn't be held back by the rest of the slower students.They could go on with courses far ahead of others.They wouldn't have to interact with all the jerks in public schools that should be separated from students who want to learn.Maybe going to a physical school only once a week to review what is learned online.Public schools could be used for final exams to make sure students in online courses are learning.That would allow states such as California to no longer go bankrupt supporting this socialistic disaster called public education.Sell off the school property no longer needed.$5000 vouchers could provide more real education than the current $10,000 being spent in California for the govt schools.As usual,you find unions trying to keep the status quo to protect their gravy train.They have no imagination or are too self interested to care about the children.Listen to John Stossel(ABC News,20/20).He seems to be one of the persons who can imagine how much better learning in the U.S. could be if we would allow the competitive free enterprise system to compete.If only we could break the monopoly these Union/Democrat/Socialists have on education today.

    • I find it ironic that the suggested remedies for the current problems with the education system would be to de-unionize public school teachers, provide vouchers, and deny education to the children of illegal aliens. As if any of these actions would help solve the structural problems with the public schools. The latter would have devastating consequences for the future of this state (see below), and the first two would only makes things worse faster.

      Davenport makes an excellent point about the responsibility of parents in instilling a love for learning in their children. And one of the battles my wife fights on a daily basis is trying to get parents involved in their child's education -- at least 2 or 3 nights each week she is on the phone calling parents. Sometimes she hits a brick wall, but sometimes she does have a positive influence on both the parent and their kids which makes the effort worthwhile.

      But every community has just as important a role to play in providing all children a decent public education.

      To explain, here's a link I found doing simple Google:

      That was released in 1992. Since then the situation has only gotten worse. And Prop 13 reform still remains taboo for our craven politicians.

      And guess what, it's only going to continue to get worse. Here's a snippet from a more recent article on this subject:

      "California�s per capita real (inflation-adjusted) income will fall 11 percent over the next two decades if current demographic and educational trends continue. The decline will be larger than that of any other state, and more than 5-times the two percent decline in per capita income projected for the nation, according to a just released study by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education [As America Becomes More Diverse: The Impact of State Higher Education Inequality, November 2005]" []

    • <<It should really tell you something about the nature of our society when best song of the year at the Academy Awards was "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp.">>

      And not only the lyrics, but the so-called music. We as a society cannot expect teachers, especially under these conditions, to make up for what parents are not providing. Respect and enthusiasm for learning comes from within families. That's one reason Asians do so much better in school than any other ethnic group.

      Adults, who watch four hours of TV a day on average, and whose kids watch more, cannot expect their kids' brains to develop more than a minimal attention span or focus on a text. Parents who don't read books themselves shouldn't expect their kids to take up the habit. A society that builds 100-million dollar sports stadiums but can't afford good schools simply deserves what it gets. In fact, sports mania is another problem in this dumbed-down society.

      I would ask parents: How many good books have YOU read in the last year? When was the last time you went to a symphony concert? When was the last time you went to a museum? Your kids pick up on what YOU value---and what you value is dumb entertainment and sports nearly to the exclusion of everything else. Your kids come to the first grade not knowing the alphabet and being unable to pay attention to the teacher for more than a two-minute stretch. And I'm not talking about ghetto first-graders, but white middle class first-graders.

      And let's not even mention video games.

    • BINGO eyefo, you got that right.

      UNIONS killed the education system. You know, some GD knucklehead union teacher in FLA said "competition was bad" refering to public vs priv schools!!

      Vouchers. every kid should be given a voucher. then the parents can decide where the kid will go to school. public or private. the voucher would pay whoever. the best schools would make the most money, the worst would fail _ not the kids. competition for the vouchers would create a great school system.

    • <affordable for teachers, bankers, nurses >

      You think these are poor people.My cousin's wife makes $80K year working for a bank and she's no Mensa member.School teachers in California average $60 hour doing what amounts to daycare.Nurses do as well or better.

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      • << School teachers in California average $60 hour doing what amounts to daycare. >>

        My wife is a California public school teacher and she earns about one third of that on an hourly basis. She could not come close to affording a house in the area where we live on her salary.

        Her typical day includes standing on her feet 8-1/2 hours day doing a combination of crowd control, crisis intervention and traditional instruction in classes that are overcrowded due to budget cuts. Nights and weekends are filled with preparing lesson plans and grading papers. Oh, and then there is the extra-curricular activities she does like after-school book club (which she does without being paid overtime, but does because she cares about educating children).

        Teaching remains one of the most underpaid professions in the U.S. And your comment provides evidence that it also remains the most unappreciated.

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