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  • noelbrady1966 noelbrady1966 Oct 27, 2006 2:05 PM Flag


    1000 @ 30.61

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    • Roh, I was being sarcastic. I'm sure you knew that. I definitely don't really think you are stupid. There is no reason to buy, other than the washed out cliches that we have seen day in and day out. I will let him answer but I doubt there is a deeper reason. This is a shrinking industry, with plunging profits, where cash flow is everything. The only thing the shills have said is "the bottom is in". The bottom definitely isn't in.

      In a typical cycle a weak economy pulls down housing. Because of the size of this mania we will see the reverse. Housing will pull down the economy. Today is further proof of that. I love how the shills are now saying, "the economy will pick right back up." Add farting sounds here.

      Too much inventory could lead to a situation where liquidity just is not there. Real estate, by individuals or large corporations, requires a lot of free cash. When there is no cash short-term obligations can't be met. Assets become liabilities as their value shrinks. That is the recipe for BANKRUPTCY. At least a few of the big boys have to disappear before this is all said and done. Those bankruptcies will be breathtaking in their speed when they occur.

      This thing is gathering momentum every day and the Homebuilders are unable to cope. Imagine Indiana Jones running in front of the large rolling ball. Only in this scenario there is no getting away. The ball runs over Indiana and just keeps rolling looking for other states such as Florida, California, New Jersey and New York.

    • Smart move! Now you'll have a nice write-off.

    • fool.

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