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  • bluelivermore bluelivermore Jun 17, 2008 10:14 PM Flag

    Oh no, more bad news

    If,you ever worked around the building industry,American Builders, PHM's,predessor and PHM are legend for building very poor quality.
    Many contractors will not work for Pulte,they do not want to go to jail,because Pulte,blames the defects on the contractors,not on Pulte's spec.'s which somehow always seem yo get shredded.

    Plus,Pulte is slow pay no pay to contractors,at least in this area.

    No,illegals will work the end of a Pulte project,because somehow INS always seems to get called in.

    Even illegals know Pulte is low quality,but they are desperate for work.

    Go to court if you can,Civil,and try to get some of your money back,you will not be the only people trying to collect.Judges are not stupid,they see the same cases over and over again.Settle up out of court if you can,but ar least get them to the preliminary hearing.You need a Civil Attorney,not a Criminal Drama Queen.Be reasonable ,stay calm,it will be worth it if you have receipts,for repairs,get real estimates from real bonded contractors for repairs,perferably 3 estimates for each repair needed.Good solid written estimates that are readable,not done by your uncle.Like Sears or James Hardy.

    You willnot be the only one to show up with a Pulte compalint if you live in a fairly big county.The judge and the Attroneys will know Pulte,you will see.

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