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  • dowjones1234 dowjones1234 Jan 26, 2010 3:57 AM Flag

    Pulte @ SUN CITY TEXAS

    Pulte has now reached a new low! The builder is now asking residents who purchased homes in their retirement community to pay for amminities that were promised them when they purchased thier homes.

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    • WOW you sure hate your builder, but why did you buy a home when he suks so bad. By the way when you run low on funds do you not cut back on your children s toys, vacations, outings etc.. This is also what happens on amenity packages. Sorry but sell your crappy homes and the stock and go to the beautiful green grass on the other side of the fence. Better yet build your own homes, and see what cost are involved, you will never get your money out of the ones you live in because all you do is tell every one how crappy it is and how stupid you were for buying it.

    • I live in a Sun City community and we have many of the same problems. When we first moved here five years ago Pulte would share into the cost of operations, now they have just increased our dues to help pay their expenses. We are on our third Pulte manager, and he is the worst one we have ever had. All Pulte is doing is exploiting the Del Webb name.

    • Do you think it will happen in Stone Creek, Ocala Florida?

      Appreciated any comments..

    • DelWebb i assume. according to the PHM spokesperson for DelWebb, they are rethinking the wants of "baby boomer" retirees and will offer more ammenities, such as skydiving !!

      its all mirrors and smoke screens! in the end its the community residents who pay for these amenities.

      there are countless PHM developments where residents were promised a full build out of community things, such as parks and water slides and recreational centers, but once housing went down hill PHM decided to simply abandon those promises. some of these have landed in court.

      like many "big" HB's, PHM simply scams their way around/through the system to make money without due regards for community residents.

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      • I have lived in SCT for 11 years and bought when Del Webb was still the builder. When Pulte bought Del Webb, big changes started to occur. Now, the Pulte bunch is no better than a pack of used car salesmen. It's what ever they can get away with to keep from going to court and getting sued, dispicable, sneaky and underhanded people.

        If you have other detailed information from other Pulte owned retirement communities, please share that information. It will deninately be appreciated by the 5,200 roof tops and residents here in Sun City Texas.

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