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  • w999surf w999surf Nov 16, 2012 12:55 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha Article

    Tried to comment on the article and would not publish. The author is a total idiot and reflects the views that shorts have been trying to push, even as housing is recovering. He cherry picks his data, throws out how right he was on AAPL, reminds me of Cramer. He fails to provide a good market analysis using the basics of supply and demand, price movements, affordability, cost and other key factors.

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    • jondow69 Nov 17, 2012 9:17 AM Flag

      hey 999, food for thought, don't kill the messanger, the guy has a view,another look, hot PT. of view, if you don't like the message,too bad.
      tell ya a story, last jan,2012 alpha ran a hatchet job on patriot coal,PCX, said they may go BK, this spring! i had some 1K shares around $8.ish,that article, brought the price down to like 7.04 in a NY minute. people where filing charges with the SEC,call PCX invester relations,etc. well guess what PCX went BK this late spring!
      here's the PT. some times S/A is spot on, and some times they aren't, that's what makes a market!
      a lot of these builder stocks have run up very fast, they may be cooling off, what ever, but again, S/A, is just another voice, as far as cramer, i stopped watching that idiot a while back, can't stand him any more. JMO and g/l.
      PS i sold my PCX back then for 7.77$ never looked back. i'm not saying Builder stocks are like coal, just saying alpha isn't always wrong or always right, just another pt. of view!jmo

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