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  • junkyemail22 junkyemail22 Apr 16, 2013 11:02 PM Flag

    Another Dive Coming

    i called it before, i'll call it again, more big dives coming for this stock. dont ask how i know this because you wont believe me anyways. but to CMA, its my opinion. good luck longs.

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    • it sounds like you have buyers remorse for buying a home when prices were overinflated. you should feel better in a year or so when you can sell for more than you paid. then you can look back and say you lived in your home for free. looking to buy at 15.00

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • junkye bought a PHM at the peak of the boom when to tell you the truth, PHM like all production builders built a poor quality home, just meeting minimum code standards. He is ticked off, but he bought on price and what he saw on the surface. PHM has addressed these poor building practices and was able to get control of their quality during the downturn. Now without the competition from small and medium sized builders, PHM is a totally different builder than in the past. Too bad for Junkye, good for PHM.

      • oh, forgot to say, watch this stock go in the shiatter. dont take my word for it, let your $$ be involved and watch it disappear, you might have more fun watching bill swirl around toilet before it disappears into the hole with the shiat.

      • buyers remorse for buying shiat, not for agreeing to a specific sales price. a few red flags with the sales folks but i figured that was due to stupidity. do you know the diff between value and sales price? PHM builds shiat homes, period. all major systems failed, and, neighbors also had same issues. PHM will blame Mars and Jupiter for why the homes they built are shiat, bottom line is, its a PHM product. people just need to be aware that this cookie cutter builder needs to appease stock holders, and the only way to do that is to build shiat homes using cheap materials and cheap labor. PHM is all about smoke and mirrors, lipstick on a pig. PHM are not innovators in home market, if they were they would be using 410A systems years ago.

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