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  • bavaris7 bavaris7 Mar 11, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

    i can't see it going down more

    this stock trades at 57 and change going into earnings. then it reports another qtr of of continued strong growth and terrific guidance, much better than analysts expected.
    now it is trading below the 57 price. so the stock deserves higher multiple prior to a strong earnings report but doesn't deserve the kind of multiple afterward?
    shorts want to attack kors based on coh's low p/e. but they never want to talk about the fact coh's sales growth continues to decelerate to a point its management is worrying about. why would any reasonable investor want to believe coh is a better investment when its own management worries, vs kors management is rasing guidance with accelerating growth. fundamentals aside, its only a matter of time forward p/e comes down, as it already has from the 40's to the current 30's with forward p/e around 22 right now.
    shorts keep using coh but its becoming boring. they also mention about coh having a small dividend. if i want dividend, its not going to be from coh's mediocre dividend. i would look to intel or something else. i'm looking into kors because of its hyper growth and the fact they are gaining market share from its competitors like coh. kors continues to be popular with celebs and the first lady. as long as the fashion world is still paying attention to kors, they will do well. right now, that hasn't changed. i have my order in at 55.

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    • It's sort of like a perfect storm situation against the longs.
      The stock despite very strong fundamnetals & growth was under deep pressure from the third SPO, & this was the first time mgmt & even Mr Kors himself was being criticized in selling & all the buzz on the 'confidence' issue, Now at the worst timing OTR Global, a private investment research firm now indicates sales are decelerating.

      This has Nothing to do with COH but mgmt selling out & now the first whisper of slowing sales many firms are dumping as I am sure some are saying where there's smoke there's fire.

      I'm wondering if the company will pre-announce this week to bring order...I doubt it as no one wants company where mgmt has to explain every rumor on the street, but the damage is being done.

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      • i didn't read their report. so i can't see what they based it on. there is always the idea that because management sells their shares, business must be slowing. i don't believe this until i see the numbers. since management projected strong numbers for current qtr and going forward, i rather lean on management's side. otr is just a research firm. they have no insight into the business and can't see it clearly. they don't get things right a lot of time either.

    • You better wish KORS should hold $53 level bcaz i am looking for $35 level

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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