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  • richrusso300 richrusso300 Apr 4, 2013 3:26 PM Flag

    Look At The Anemic Volume

    It's been this way for a while after the 3rd SPO. Even at these fundamentally cheap prices insitutions are scared to death to invest new money as thay have no clue if mgmt or insiders decided on a fourth SPO.
    Mgmt & insiders got their billions, they want to be the 1 percent of the 1 percenters so what do they care?
    They are milking the cash cow dry! This stock should be atleast 20 points higher if they cared about the shareholders as they do for themselves...

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    • I just love looking at all the retailers and compare their stock movements to Kors, again today with very low volume on Kors, every retailer is up but Kors. It is just a shame how the world looks at Kors value today. Hell, even JCP was up over 5%.

    • Nah...they will not do another SPO...they must raise guidance first... Hang in there Rich!
      Expect KORS to base for the next 4-6 weeks...and then move higher.

      Does management even own enough shares to have another SPO that would move the stock?

    • How do you read this, is it sellers asking too much or buyers not willing to pay too much leading to low low low volume.

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      • Not too many shorts willing to risk, sellers probably holding long and buyers waiting for a pull back since everyone is forcing correction into the market. Even if correction happens I don't see KORS going much down, rather money moving into stocks with better margin expansion and growth prospects.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • The way I read it is that it's not the fundamentals its the mgmt & lack of confidence. Also I am sure many are asking why so much so often? I believe many are afraid there is something unknown, so if earnings are great we will skyrocket, conversley if something is amiss we will obviously head down.
        For now fund managers are talking the talk on how good KORS is but not placing any moiney on the table & taking a wait & see attitude as they are afraid they may lose...
        All these SPO's made investing in KORS more like a Vegas gamble!!!

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