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  • luv2trade2013 luv2trade2013 Apr 18, 2013 1:20 PM Flag

    Hello Volume

    Going higher...was a good move buying the other day, but it's not too late. Richy, you pick any up the other day with me and Q?

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    • Hi Luv2, No I didn't. Not because I don't have any confidence in the stock & upcoming earnings & this stock is cheap 10% higher, its just I am so very overweight KORS I hate selling one of my winners. Also there has been plenty of headfakes & false bottoms. I still feel we have not bottomed out completley (while I hope I am wrong).
      During the first SPO the stock based in the 40's but did dip to the 30's & the second SPO we prettty much flat lined it at 50-55 but there were days where it dipped below 50, I feel this will happen again. I am content to wait to I get the price I want, if I get it great if not I still have a boatload...However if I had a crystal ball & knew 100% not on earnings but if I knew 100% no more SPO's I would buy immediatley!

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      • Ya we all agree the SPOs are killers, no doubt. And I understand completely about not wanting to get too heavy on one stock. I'm having the same issue with Apple right now. Just can't seem to find a bottom, and I was really tempted to add today at 390, but I'm heavy...and that thing is a special beast of it's own right now. I wasn't nearly as heavy in KORS because I took profits after the 1st jump so it was easier to pull the trigger the other day...that and I'm averaged way lower in KORS relatively speaking to the pps right now. I have a hard time believing this will drop below 50, but I imagine that if it does that you'll be the first to let me know :) If it does, I will definitely be adding.

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    • Would be nice if it holds in mid 53's and makes another leg up. Then break 56s and we're off. Build a base in that range. Earnings...then to high 60s.

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