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  • agcolony agcolony May 11, 2013 9:45 AM Flag

    Returned to IBD @ #45 RS trending up

    Back in the top 50 after IPO selloff but all KORS buy side holders must still realize that management owns 36%. I don't remember exactly but a few days ago someone posted that with only 7% stake doubtful the next IPO is on its way. I am thinking the post was in reference to Mr. Kors stake but still a ton of shares being held by this greedy management team. Will they let it run. You know we should be at $75.00 after our last earnings blow out and gap up. If there were no worries of SPO's this stock hopefully after a nice earnings beat announcement we would be popping beyond $80.00 + Does anyone on this board believe that when we take out the all time high and with this current uptrend in the overall market gaining steam we more than likely will take out the HIGH pre earnings. I do not want to sound greedy but after holding through the last six months to expect the opportunity to sell at $80.00 is not unreasonable my concern is I do not believe management will let it get to that number without another SPO I have at times laughed with some of our positive board members price ranges of $100-$150 but why couldn't KORS be one of these over valued bubble stocks for a year. LULU has seen it happen OPEN and GMCR have also seen bubble numbers. KORS has yet to become a bubble stock it doesn't even get the opportunity to stay fairly priced for 3-6 months. Very concerned that come middle of June we will be looking forward to the next 2 earnings reports this year to finally be rid of managements continued SPO"s Sorry for running my mouth so long in this post but watching so many pig-stocks running so high and this best of breed lagging has just made me feel foolish. As THE WHO said it so well "I won't be fooled again" if I only believed I will be smart enough to heed my own warning!!! I would like to think I could let this stock run for 6 months and not get shaken out with the next SPO coming sooner rather than later. RICH I don't have the cushion you have to sit another SPO!

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