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  • richrusso300 richrusso300 Jun 26, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

    Special Case

    There are some occasions where a company is doing Great & yet the stuck underperforms or is just unloved.
    In 15 months the stock gained 8 points!
    This is going to take time to get this back in demand. Mgmt's own selfish, greedy agenda really killed this stock here. Sometimes it's real hard to regain confidence once lost, I am very dubious once they do there worst again with their 4th SPO & Mr. KORS most likely dumping more there is no regard at all for the shareholder value here. In 18 months only 2 analysts conferences? No road show, or slides? No appearances on financial shows or publications? Nothing to try to increase the value except for pre-guidance upgrades done just for SPO's so they can sell at the highest buck.

    Terrible mgmt & I am leery giving them more money!

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    • pigsuckingshortmaggot pigsuckingshortmaggot Jun 27, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

      If it's stuck in the mud, day trade or short term trade it.
      Embrace the pattern.
      When you expect it to go lower, it doesn't..........yada yada


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Rich, last July KORS traded at $38 and a 50% gain in one year is great in any portfolio. You can choose any time frame to make your point bullish or bearish. We hope management dumps all their stock by the end of the year (I bet they will after next EPS report). This will allow the stock to be fairly valued as the overhang from one last SPO is holding this stock down.

      KORS will be a hot brand long after management sells their shares. What do people expect from this stock? A TSLA performance? That will not happen. I expect to hold until next summer and have a 50% gain when KORS trades at $90.

      We do not like managements greed. But, we like their execution of the growth strategies.

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